That Certain Feeling

Having a spiritual experience in the Program, can mean a lot of different things.  My definition of a “spiritual experience” and the actual reality of it were very different. I think that many times our preconceived ideas about things turn out to be quite varied from the reality of our experiences. I also think that there have been many instances of a “spiritual connection” that I have failed to recognize. I didn’t know I’d had a spiritual experience, because it did not fit the definition I believed in. I may have been expecting a “face to face” with the God of my understanding, and instead what I got was the undeniable feeling of certainty that God is, He does exist. 

My “spiritual angle” has become my strongest ally in my battle with alcoholism. I can only give credit where credit is due – the changes in my attitude, the changes in how I choose to live, and the changes in my belief system, all add up to the acknowledgment of a “power greater than me.” There is more at work in my life than merely me.  I believe it takes a strong Program, an unwavering faith, many friends and family members, and the certainty that I am not now, nor will I ever be, alone again.



7 thoughts on “That Certain Feeling

  1. Amen Sister, My faith and connection with the G*d of my understanding keeps me sober and guides me through the positive changes in my life. G*d is doing for me what I could not do myself. Life has become enjoyable and not the hollow existence of addiction. Thanks for the post and reminding me I never have to be alone again. Love you all! Tree

  2. “God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves”.
    . 🙂
    By cracky, I believe he is!
    . 🙂
    Seems I have grown for long periods without even thinking about taking a drink.
    . 🙂
    By cracky, I know he is!

  3. My spiritual experience was when I finally surrendered to God. My daily prayers to him to help me stay sober are working. I am not alone ,”we”, the members of AA pray to God for freedom from self-will, rationalization, and wishful thinking. I am now honest, open, and willing (HOW) in my daily actions with myself and others.

  4. Morning folks, your words are food for my soul. Got a call yesterday from a sponsee who had already taken a drink. I was like why are you calling me now? Call me before you take a drink Mr, like tomorrow. The hardest thing in the world to do is ask for help however i was beaten and could not find my own way out. Somedays I just wanna buy em a 5th. We had a local event which in the past was based around the good fishing and they call it Perchville.For years there’s barely been a perch in the lake and they arrested over 40 peeps over the weekend for offenses related to alcohol. Guess the county needed some funding, lol. Just glad no one got seriously hurt and I’m glad they’ll get no money from me. I have a lot of prayers going out today! God bless!

  5. Top of the morning family,
    Having had a spiritual experience/that certain feeling: It crept over me like a soothing spiritual wave while in an early morning quiet time. The compulsion and obsession of alcohol was removed. My sponsor informed me that this was a burning dandelion. And to think, I thought I played the part of this removal.
    My definition of peace and freedom has dramatically changed over time. I must be available to be of maxima service. One of my favorite yellow sticky’s says, “what do you enjoy most about serving God?, in lew of how are you serving God”.
    Life is not easy. And it never will become easy, no matter how long we all shall live. In this world, we face opposition, both from the world and the fellowship between my ears.
    peace / progress

  6. Being sober, aware, and open to the spiritual experience is all that has been required for me to receive it. Not that I recognize it as it occurs, but in hindsight all those little things, like feeling at peace in a meeting for the first time, or realizing that I haven’t thought about alcohol for a long time, were indications of it happening.
    Love the burning dandelion!

  7. Wow!
    What a great reflection…my puffed up ego, of which I was in complete denial, couldn’t ever get its head around a relationship with something other than or greater than itself unless it was based on fear or domination or subjugation.
    Then you showed how as you reliably did certain things on a regular basis your lives changed for the better.
    Eventually I came to find the same thing.

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