Having a spiritual experience in the Program, can mean a lot of different things.  My definition of a “spiritual experience” and the actual reality of it were very different. I think that many times our preconceived ideas about things turn out to be quite varied from the reality of our experiences. I also think that there have been many instances of a “spiritual connection” that I have failed to recognize. I didn’t know I’d had a spiritual experience, because it did not fit the definition I believed in. I may have been expecting a “face to face” with the God of my understanding, and instead what I got was the undeniable feeling of certainty that God is, He does exist. 

My “spiritual angle” has become my strongest ally in my battle with alcoholism. I can only give credit where credit is due – the changes in my attitude, the changes in how I choose to live, and the changes in my belief system, all add up to the acknowledgment of a “power greater than me.” There is more at work in my life than merely me.  I believe it takes a strong Program, an unwavering faith, many friends and family members, and the certainty that I am not now, nor will I ever be, alone again.