The “first drink concept” has been around for many years. It tells me that I cannot afford the luxury of ever having “just one drink.” To begin with the term “luxury” is not exactly the right term, as my drinking was nowhere near that description. After that first drink it was all about drinking as much as I could, as fast as I could. My disease is sly enough to tell me that I can have just one, but then the alcohol hits my body and the urge to drink is stronger than my will to stop. Having come this far in recovery I can honestly say that my “allergy” to alcohol is still strong, and the “phenomenon of craving” is still prevalent within me. . . should I take that first drink. I work on a daily basis to quell this desire for complete destruction of my life. In the “Doctor’s Opinion” chapter of the Big Book, it states that “The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence.” (The “we” is used to collectively to include all in the medical profession.)

The “first drink concept” serves to remind me that while my mind tells me “it’s okay to have just one” the Program tells me this is a lie, it is my disease “talking” to me. I am without defense against the first drink. But wait – “There is a Solution,” or so it is named, in the Big Book – it is the second chapter, and the outline for the Program begins on page 12 and continues throughout the first 164 pages. It is not a simple plan, but one that has worked for many alcoholics. It takes Honesty, Openness, and Willingness – the HOW of Albert talked about…. There is much to do in my life of recovery; there’s reading the literature that gives me new ideas and tells me the way of sobriety and how to maintain a life free of alcohol. There are meetings all over the world, each one a place of peace and a haven for those of us wishing to remain sober, and those who are searching for a way out of the madness of alcoholism. There’s being of use to others by sharing my experience, strength and hope. And, of course, there is believing in a Power greater than me, greater than my disease. I hope you all had a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY? Yes, I am able to love again…wholeheartedly, because I can FEEL today! What a BLESSING!!!