“Right action is the key to good living.” That tells me that what I DO defines who I am – and for me to remain sober requires a deep commitment, discipline unlike any I ever had before recovery, and a true sense of responsibility for my life. I can no longer blame others for my “lot” in life. I am committed to sobriety – and that means that I work to remain willing to DO whatever is needed to retain and maintain my sobriety. I am committed to recovery, it is not just something I DO once in a while, it is a way of living life, on a daily basis, using the Spiritual Principles as guides to my behavior.

I pray for the strength to be good to myself, to have the ability and dedication to take care of my body, such as it is. I accept that I am not perfect, I accept that I never will be – but I can feel better, I can do better. The Program teaches me that “progress, not perfection” is the goal in recovery. Thank goodness the Program works on the basis of “one day at a time,” as I keep trying to reach goals I have set for myself. Each day is another day I have the opportunity of making progress, sometimes an inch at a time, and sometimes several inches at a time. It all depends on my willingness to follow through on my commitment to me, my sense of discipline and my personal responsibility towards myself.

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