There is always a way out of the turmoil that can rob us of our peace and calmness. My trust in the spiritual allows me to develop the “attitude of gratitude” that accompanies a better life. Until that calmness comes, I trust in God that He is working towards that end for me. I never realized that I could overcome my own selfishness by relying on God. If I am having a “bad” day I can stop, pray, and ask God to help me restore my life back to the peace and calmness I awoke with. There are a few moments when I first wake up that fill me with a true sense of contentment, acceptance and the knowledge that I am in tune with my Higher Power, God. I value those moments, and that begins my gratitude for that day.

“Let Go and Let God” is another “solution” to problems. There are some problems that simply do not have an easy or doable solution – it is then that I need to “turn it over” to my Higher Power. I am not alone in this world anymore. I have both the Program, the Steps, and my Higher Power to help with life’s problems. There is always a “light at the end of the tunnel.” Sitting alone, outside – weather permitting – closing my eyes for a few minutes and asking God for help can have a big effect on my serenity, and so can a meeting. The halls of A.A. afford me with feelings of peace and comfort, safety and love. I am blessed to have these, and in view of my past problems with alcohol, my current problems are nothing in comparison. . . that alone is enough to turn my thoughts around from despair to hope.