The Choice Is Mine

I have made both good choices and bad ones. And it is true that all of these choices were mine regardless of the influence of others in my life. Parents, siblings, husbands, children, and friends have all had an “opinion” or two of what I “should” do. . . but, ultimately the decision and choices were mine. It’s always easy to look back and justify my decisions and choices, in retrospect. But the truth of the matter is that I made some choices that definitely harmed me and others, in many ways. Some of my decisions were based on the opinion of others in my life – and there were times when I choose to do the opposite of what others thought I should do, simply because of who was advising me. I was very rebellious, particularly in my youth.

I LOVE AA’s responsibility statement “I am responsible when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that I am responsible.” Which means that I work towards that goal by stepping up for service above and beyond my immediate needs and desires. But my first obligation is towards myself, so that I may have the strength and means to help others, when and where needed. Whatever I share with others, I pray that it is passed on to still others – from member to member. That’s the way this Program works – and today I work towards accepting responsibility for my choices, that I might then pass on to others what I have been blessed to learn.



8 thoughts on “The Choice Is Mine

  1. Many years ago my “Roomie” told me, “Harry, you just can’t hold your liquor”. I can’t resist a challenge toward doing something which other people seemingly can do so I probably spent at least the next quarter century trying to prove him wrong. The only problem with this was proceeding from a false premise that I could drink with impunity in terms of frequency and volume consumed and absolutely was not in context with all “those others”.
    So naturally I never proved him “wrong”.
    It was an impossibility and you know how the saying goes; the difficult might take a little while but the impossible is just that; – “impossible”.
    It was just part of my blatant insanity when it came to drinking saying things like this to myself; It won’t happen this time. It may happen to them but it certainly what happened to me. This time I will control my drinking to less than a moderate amount.
    I certainly had learned that the first effect of alcohol is obfuscation of the judgment center of anyone’s brain and this predictable phenomenon certainly affected me every time.
    When I drank liquor, I didn’t have good sense.

    So it wasn’t failure in the usual sense but it was failure in the sense of butting up against impossibility.

    That’s a wonderful meditation book entitled, “I will with God’s help”
    written by a former Oklahoma prisoner who was imprisoned for murder. It tells a beautiful tale of his faith journey and his eventual release from incarceration.

    With God’s help I am released from the prison of addiction to alcohol.

  2. I usually made and make choices and decisions based on logic. When it came to negative feelings, then alcohol my choices and decisions were made using excuses and wanting to get out of reality. Logic told me that using alcohol was wrong, but the result was worth the pain and misery that followed one of my binges. I finally Surrendered to God and the program of AA, but most important myself that I am an alcoholic. I cannot think about and drink alcohol. Today, I still make choices and decisions using logic, but alcohol is not part of my thinking. Stay sober my friends!

  3. Good stuff.
    Up very early for a business trip and so I still start my day remembering that I am not cured; what we have is a daily reprieve. So I will ” do the work” to seek His will for me today. Part of that work is coming here to get grounded and connected.
    Thank you for being here.
    Grateful for the gift

  4. Top of the morning family,
    My number one tool is my willingness. I have a choice today. The God of my understanding is right behind my belly button. That power leads guidance in my choice’s for this day. Sometimes I misunderstand, (fancy word for my own timing) his guidance.But today, I do my best to seek daily obedience and to be of service. I not only have a choice, I have a chance!
    peace / progress

  5. Gradually the spiritual is overcoming the material in our minds.

    I enjoyed the shares and am so glad someone felt the desire to carry the message of aa to me. I am glad to share my experience, strength, and hope with others. So grateful, to all of you. Kt

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