I know that I would not be where I am today, without having a Higher Power in my life.  The A.A. program of recovery tells me that abstinence alone is not enough.  Basic changes in my behavior, and attitude, are also needed, if I am to remain sober.  Coming to believe in a Higher Power happened to me slowly, over time, but today it is a strong faith I have in this Power, and I work to stay in touch with the God of my understanding. I choose to believe in a Higher Power because it gives me strength, serenity, and courage to go forth in my life.

I am blessed with purpose and direction in my life, I am blessed with friends and family who love me, I am blessed with service commitments and dedication to others, I am blessed to have both peace and serenity in my life – which replaces all the turmoil and discontentment of days gone by.  I am touched by God in so many ways; I have enough today – enough love, enough strength, enough money to live on, enough faith to remain true to my Higher Power, and enough wisdom to know that I must work to remain open to new ideas, new changes, and new ways of living that I might then be of service to others and to my Higher Power, God.