The Source

Quote is from “The Language of Letting Go” I’ve learned I can take care of myself, and what I can’t do, God will do for me.- Al-Anon member

God, a Higher Power as we understand Him, is our source of guidance and positive change.  This doesn’t mean we’re not responsible for ourselves.  We are.  But we aren’t in this alone. Recovery is not a do-it-yourself project.  Wen don’t have to become overly concerned about changing ourselves.  We can do our part, relax, and trust that the changes we’ll experience will be right for us. Recovery means we don’t have to look to other people as our source to meet our needs.  They can help us, but they are not the source. Today, I will look to my Higher Power as the source for all my needs, including the changes I want to make in my recovery.reiki-energy


8 thoughts on “The Source

  1. Do you remember at the beginning of Lent when I posted this well-known Bible verse; “Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief”.

    Lent which is now into its third week is patiently doing its work. I as a hypercritical person don’t think I yet to see any results but you know what; God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. This was when I said that in summation when I divulged a particularly touchy issue to the human recipient of my fourth step over 28 years ago now.
    As I continue to take personal inventory I rapidly conclude that I am somewhere along the curve of my faith journey and it’s all been up to God.

    So has my faith, has my unbelief improved during this short period of Lent?

    Everything that happens in God’s world is not always at the level of consciousness.

  2. When i sit, ponder and reflect I realize that they’re so many things i couldn’t have done for myself without help from God.

    What’s been weighing on me lately is a sponsee who can’t help but prey upon women and I’m about ready to let him go. I’ve had many talks about preying upon emtional cripples but last night I overheard asking a woman with 30 days to stop by n she has a family and children. God help me help him!

  3. When I was drinking, I prayed to God to remove my alcoholism. I also believed that the AA community and rehab would change me. This was a behavior that I practiced. The problem with this thinking is that I did not own my problem with alcohol. I relied on God and others to change me. Finally, I realized that only I could change me. God and others could help me change, but I had to do the work. I surrendered to God, and admitted that I was powerless, and unmanageable when I drank alcohol. Practicing Steps 1-3 daily, I have the foundation for recovery. I now do the work to stay sober and improve my spirituality, but I do not do this alone. I have God as my source for my recovery and the AA program and fellowship to help me with problems that threaten my sobriety. With God and the AA program that help me every day, I remain positive about my recovery. I am not alone!

  4. Good morning cyber Family. Thanks for all your ESH. I cant believe Lent is already into its 3rd week. As a child I remember lighting the Lenten candles. I have been looking for them since Ash Wednesday when my son and I received ashes. I enjoy rituals and I believe my son does too. They are comforting. Tonight I got to a meeting and then my freind and I attend the Annual “Pizza Party” at Drydock (AA meeting place) in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Harry that is one of my favorite verses; “i believe, help my unbelief.” I believe sobriety ultimately is an inside job. We have to make the commitment. And as I shared in a meeting a couple of months ago that my freind reminded me that all along I was flirting with AA and not marrying AA. I am a big commitaphobic. I am praying and sharing with others how I need to commit. Organization is another character flaw that I am working on. Today life is good and I am at peace. What more can I ask for. Love and Hugs, Tree

  5. Top of the morning family,
    The source, nice! Am I willing to wait for God’s direction? My timing sucks. His timing is perfect. His timing is truth. He has something more wonderful in mind than I could ever provide for myself. If what I wanted from recovery came true, I would of short changed myself by so much.
    It’s rose weekend for lenter’s.
    peace / progress

  6. As I faithfully perform certain actions you have shown me work for you, I begin to come out of selfishness and participate in life around me.
    As my dependence on The Great Reality, the Spirit of the Universe, God, The Power Beyond My Comprehension or whatever label suits, grows my fear recedes. I then grow in communion with my fellows, one of many, no greater and no lesser. Life, does, indeed, take on a new meaning.
    Grateful for the Gift

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