Faith, for me is a belief in something without proof.  TodayI have faith in a Higher Power, faith in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and faith in myself.  I believe it was easier to “have faith” in the Program, than it was to have faith in a Higher Power.  And – it was easier to have faith in a Higher Power than it was to have faith in myself.  These “beliefs” did not come overnight, they have slowly developed over time.

Faith in the Program was easier because I could “see” the results of sobriety in the faces around the tables.  There were people in the rooms who had been surely blessed.  By all accounts, they should not be alive.  They spoke of times of living under bridges, of drinking day in and day out, of mixing drugs and booze, of failed livers and wrecked health, of total incomprehensible demoralization – and yet there they sat . . . sober, and living a life of recovery.  There is no other explanation for this “turn around” in their lives.  It is borne of faith, faith in the Program to begin with.  Faith that the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous works, if we work it.




From these two, faith in the Program and faith in God, came the strength I needed to begin the process of change we call recovery.  And from this came a restored faith in myself, as a viable human being, who is capable of great love, kindness, humility, willingness, and courage – traits I believed were beyond my reach.  Faith has brought me to a place I never knew existed, a place where hope was born, and a place where I can reach out to others, where one alcoholic talking to another is a source of peace and serenity for each of us.  There is “proof”  that faith works.  The proof is in  these changes that occur in recovery, they are the “proof” that there is a God and He is at work in my life and in the lives of others.