I still have times of insanity and extremes.  I strive for moderation, that illusive behavior I observe in others.  I have learned that there is the option of having balance in my life, it does not have to be “all or nothing.”  My life was one wild roller-coaster ride.  I was up, up, up and then it was down, down, down.  It was all about this idea of “searching for myself,” a feat widely accepted in the 70’s after the blast of the 60’s. Many people, including me, were just flat out of control during that time.  Moderation was the furthest thought from my mind.

It would seem that I need to work on moderation when it comes to commitments and obligations – the first obligation is to take care of myself, that I might then be available to others, and can continue to function is come capacity when it comes to service to the Fellowship.  How can I help others come to terms with their own life, when my life requires action – I have to walk my talk, and thanks to the Program I know this.  And so it follows that I say “Thanks, God” for reminding me what is important.  I will work towards keeping “First things first” and all else will follow from that action.