From Step Two, I was given the opportunity to choose a God of my understanding, and through the process of working the Third Step, I came to know what that “looked” like in my life.  First I had to believe that there was a power greater than myself – this was relatively simple in terms of the disease of alcoholism.  I had only to look around the meeting room and see the sober, smiling faces to know that there was a power greater than King Alcohol.  It then became a matter of defining that power, for me, personally.  I loved the idea that I could define my Higher Power as I chose, and did not have to accept the definition of anyone else

Turning my will and my life over to the care of the God of my understanding was made easier when I had a clear picture of that God, as I understood Him.  I gave my Higher Power the appearance of someone I had once trusted, as a child.  He looks like a loving, kind, benevolent grandfather, and I have dressed Him in white robes not unlike those I have seen in pictures.  I became familiar with this “new” God and came to trust in Him and when it came to turning my will and my life over His care, I did not hesitate.  I was ready.  I have found that having faith in a Higher Power enhances my life, blesses my life and truly enables me to reach Step Three with a willingness not known to me before.