First of all, I’d like to THANK all of you for your patience during my illness…and all of my personal trials. Let me say this, PRAYER has saved me more than once in my life-but more than that….the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is more than just a BLESSING. It’s one alcoholic helping another. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TODAY…and you know who you are!!!….with that said:

I have become comfortable with prayer, although I may not pray in the formal way that many do.  I do pray in my own way, and have found that prayer works in my life to slow me down, to remind me of the Spiritual Principles, and to encourage in me behaviors that are more in line with God’s desire for me.  Some of my prayers are very short: Help me out here, God.  Thanks. Sometimes just trying to figure out what prayer I need to say gives me the needed time to help me get my emotions out of the way, so that I may react in a kinder manner.  My prayers are more like conversations with the God of my understanding.  There are some standard prayers that I use, and some new ones I hear from others, and there is a book of prayers, which I enjoy reading.  So my world of prayers is growing and changing, right along with me and my program.

I have heard others pray, and I believe that we each find our own way of praying, our own way of using prayer in our individual recovery program.  Prayer, for me, is a reminder of the “higher road” that I strive for daily.  It is an expression of my thoughts and feelings for a particular person or situation.  I try to thank God for all my many blessings through prayer.  I try to remember the plight and struggle of others through prayer.  I try to process indecision and worry through prayer.  I try to relieve myself of fear and guilt through prayer.  I also believe that sincere prayer is the beginning of humility, reminding me of who has the power and who does not.  Whatever I achieve, I achieve through God’s blessings.  God is the reason I am alive, God is the reason I am sober, and God is the reason I am.