The things that you merely possess can be lost or taken from you in an instant. Yet the things that you become will be a part of you always, thanks to the steps and promises of AA. What you get, even under the best of circumstances, usually is yours only for a limited time. Yet what you give will always be a part of you. If your desires are petty, limited and trivial, the world will always seem to be cold and mean. Expand your priorities beyond the superficial concerns, and suddenly you’ll see life in a whole new, bright and shining light. When you put your efforts into who you can be and what you can do, rather than just on what you can have, something amazing happens. Suddenly, instead of fighting against each moment, each person, each situation, you’re flowing powerfully along with them all. If your goal is only to acquire, then whatever you get loses meaning as soon as you get it. Yet when you seek to become, to do, to give, you enter a realm of ever-increasing fulfillment.

The more you give of yourself, the more of yourself there is to give, to live, to experience and enjoy. it works ——-it really does ! (page 88,line 8 in the big book)