I have to ask myself, why put temptation in my face – I mean, who needs it?  I love ice cream, but I have found that I can resist ice cream all the more when I do not have any in my home.  If ice cream is to be found, I will find myself indulging, one more time.  It is not good for me, for my health or even for my wallet when I get right down to it.  But I do love my ice cream – so I have come to a place of compromise.

Temptation is more of a dangerous thing for this alcoholic.  Temptation can lead me astray, temptation can set me off, back to that mental obsession and physical allergy, that I have come to understand as the basis for alcoholism.  I do not need to have my “poison” in my face, I do not need to “test” myself.  My past teaches me what happens when I am faced with temptation.  Once started – impossible to stop; that defines my drinking pattern.  My insanity will return and the possibility of death will return, in short order.  I prefer the company of those in recovery, just as I am.  I prefer a life of recovery, rather than a death of alcoholism.  I prefer to surround myself with positive people, in positive places, with positive attitudes.  Temptation can take a hike, as far as I am concerned.  I prefer the safety of the fellowship, the company of those, like me, who are in the same “boat.”  Together we are so much stronger than any temptation that may come our way.  Divided we fall, together we stand strong against any and all temptations.