The Legacy of Recovery is the basis for the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, it’s how those who came before us got sober, it’s the Steps. The second legacy, Unity, is about keeping the “group” together, it’s the Traditions. And finally, we have Service – and that’s where the Twelve Concepts come in, both at the local level and at the global level. We are a world-wide organization, having been in existence for approximately 80 years.

I love the fact that the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is not “run” by one individual, I also like the fact that as a program we are self-supporting and therefore are not obligated to any one person or organization in any fashion. All I know for sure, is that it works, and it has for many years. And like it is said, if it works – don’t fix it. I’m keeping it short and sweet as it was a WONDERFUL weekend which extended into a Monday Vacation Day!! I’ve never slept so much in such a LONG time. (by that I mean sleeping in till 6am…and one day till 9am!!LOL)