Albert’s Son

Today Dear Friends, at 2:55 pm, Albert’s son, Aaron passed away. Let us remember Albert, Aaron and his family in our special prayers today as he is in no more pain. Albert, you have my number if you need to talk ANYTIME!! You have made great progress this year with your recovery. This is another step you must take and it’s the most difficult thing you will ever have to do!! Eternal rest grant unto Aaron, O Lord. and let perpetual light shine upon him….may he rest in peace-AMEN!



9 thoughts on “Albert’s Son

  1. April 1
    Grapevine Quote

    “Sobriety is precious! A fact I didn’t know until I had some.”
    New York, N.Y., September 1987
    “More Precious Than Life,”
    The Best of the Grapevine, Volume 3

  2. Dear Albert
    my sincere condolences go out to you and to your family in the passing of your son Aaron. You are in my prayers. May G*d comfort you in this difficult time
    warm regards

  3. Albert you’re in my thoughts and prayers again today as is my sponsor’s sponsor whose been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer which they say they aren’t going to treat except with steroids. (Cyber-hugs)

  4. Albert.
    Our deepest sympathy.
    Our hearts are with you.
    May you find that peace which passeth all understanding.
    His Love and Grace surrounds us.

  5. Dear dear Albert,
    I saw how terribly difficult it was for Fordy’s father to see his son dying and then deal with his death. It’s been terribly hard on him. It’s been awful for me but Ive stayed sober and continue to live in the solution, one day at a time!
    You can do this as well! One foot in front of the other, through the pain, the fog, the shock, the anger, and on and on…..
    Don’t forget your trudge mates here on this24. We are always here. Ask Bonnie for my email if you ever feel like communicating with me.
    My deepest sympathies and heart goes out to you.,,,
    Much love,

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