Awareness – now that I am sober I can clearly see when problems come up, my brain is no longer “pickled” and I no longer live in a state of denial. I no longer have to run in the opposite direction when problems crop up, I can “deal” with them, I can find solutions, I can handle most problems that come my way. My awareness comes from the fact that I live in a real world today, I can accept life on life’s terms.

Acceptance – which is the opposite of denial – happens when I come to the realization that the problem is definitely mine, I have to accept my part in the problem – I have had something to do with this problem – what did I say or do that either created the problem or added to an existing problem? It was always easy to blame others before recovery, but now, sober and somewhat sane I can see that some of that blame is mine. It has my name written all over it. Today, I can accept problems much easier than in the past – one of the reasons is that I know there are solutions of varying sorts – through the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So awareness and acceptance now brings me to action, the third in this trilogy. Action is the key here, because it takes action to resolve issues and solve problems. Just knowing does not change a thing, acceptance is a good part of that, but it is the “action” that works to eliminate the problem. That can mean an amendment, a heart-felt apology, a simple admission of wrong, or other means of resolving issues with others. Sometimes, just the fact that an attempt at correcting a wrong is being made is all that is needed to mend a relationship. Whatever works – the bottom line is that resolving issues with others is paramount to recovery, carrying around the heavy burden of regret can lead me right back out there, drinking and beating myself up for not taking the action I needed!!