Dollars and Sense

Today, I trust myself. Today I respect that I need to pay for what I get, and that the world does not “owe” me anything. I live within my budget and know that I am blessed to have enough money today to buy most of what I need, and the rest I hold myself responsible for. Financial amends – that was difficult to figure out, but I finally decided to make donations as an amends. I donate to different organizations – in addition to the money I put in the basket when it’s passed at meetings. I give where I can, and what I can. Today, I am responsible for me, financially, and the rest I leave in God’s capable hands. He takes care of me – and my job is to walk the straight and narrow. Through the Program I have made financial amends, I have learned to spend within limits and to appreciate and have a true sense of gratitude for all that I do have. I have truly been blessed in many ways – and have come to accept and believe that I am right where God wants me to be. Today, I can claim honesty, and work towards that spiritual principle every day.


6 thoughts on “Dollars and Sense

  1. So Easter has come and gone or has it?
    The church in its wisdom from long ago has designated this period of time in our calendar as being a season, the season of Easter.
    Oh so much; oh so much I missed in my spiritual development because either no one told me or most likely I just didn’t hear and receive these messages from the time of my entry into formal spirituality until these later years of my life. And I consider this part of personal development on at least equal and in truth a higher level of personal development. And the why of this?
    Just for starters and for continued comfort is the fact of experiencing these spiritual gifts of “Peace that passes understanding” which was my earnest prayer when I was at one of the darkest points of my life and I screamed out into the universe in total silence, ‘I have to have peace’.

    I continue in my quest that my faith may be increased as I have become focused on in the last 40 days and now continue for the next 49 days through this period of Easter or celebration of the resurrection of Spirit in this world and in personal lives.

    Two facts obviously considered to be of the utmost importance in telling God’s story state that in the beginning was God; God created…………..

    Examples of these with tremendous visual impact are seen on a daily basis as I visit the National Geographic Photo of the Day website.

    A Golden White Eye and Pink Necked Fruit Dove would not encounter each other in the wild being from different parts of the world. However in the free flight aviary of the Memphis Zoo they have become fast friends.

    • What gifts you bring us, my friend! The lovely trusting spirit so curious and alive
      and engaged inspires me to broaden my perspective.
      It’s all around us if we can but open our eyes.
      Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Happy Easter Monday. Back to life and back to reality
    It was a great Sunday. Time to b get ready for work. ” Your will not mine todaY,”
    Meet with sponsor today after work.
    Blessings for a lovely day. Love Tree

  3. Albert, thanks for that story. Yesterday I took the young man, whos’ daddy died while we were living together at the young age of 6, fishing and it was the first day in years we’ve had any time together even though we didn’t catch fish, we had a great time sober. i also got to watch a movie with my oldest bro and his sig later on in the evening after having an awesome Easter dinner with them and my mother earlier in the day. Love ya all, one foot in front of the other. God bless!

  4. Thanks Bonster for the lead, also to Harry for the share about Easter and it’s always good to hear from the rest of you fellow trudgers. Hope n pray Shah’s doing well!

  5. Top of the morning family,
    Easter gives us, “a new day”, “banquet of faith”. Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us. The old saying, before the program I lied, cheated, and stole. Now with a little recovery, I lie, cheat, and steal – not as much. God does for me, what I couldn’t do for myself. I can never repay what was so freely given to me. However, I can pay it forward. For this gift, I’m grateful and humbled.
    – Awesome picture Harry S
    peace / progress

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