Today, I trust myself. Today I respect that I need to pay for what I get, and that the world does not “owe” me anything. I live within my budget and know that I am blessed to have enough money today to buy most of what I need, and the rest I hold myself responsible for. Financial amends – that was difficult to figure out, but I finally decided to make donations as an amends. I donate to different organizations – in addition to the money I put in the basket when it’s passed at meetings. I give where I can, and what I can. Today, I am responsible for me, financially, and the rest I leave in God’s capable hands. He takes care of me – and my job is to walk the straight and narrow. Through the Program I have made financial amends, I have learned to spend within limits and to appreciate and have a true sense of gratitude for all that I do have. I have truly been blessed in many ways – and have come to accept and believe that I am right where God wants me to be. Today, I can claim honesty, and work towards that spiritual principle every day.