I’m aware of my defects of character, AND the fact that they are still present in my life.  I need only recite the Serenity Prayer to remind myself that my Higher Power is in charge of my life, my defects, and my participation in my recovery.  For me, Letting Go and Letting God means to stop running amouk in my life, to try and find a safe, quiet place to rest, to let go of the problem, and to ask God for help.  This is particularly true when it comes to my anger issues.  My mouth can do some damage before I have the chance to “filter” what I say.  Taking a brief moment to say the shortest prayer in the world, “Help me!!!” may be just the thing I need to stop me from hurting myself and others.  Sometimes my best action is no action, at all.

I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other – and wait and see what changes develop.  Waiting is always easier when I concentrate on what’s in front of me to do – be that meetings, phone calls, service work, or maintaining my home and life in some kind of order.  Whatever is needed, my job is simple – One Day At A Time, and sometimes it comes down to one moment at a time.