Special Connections

Today I can honestly say that I have solid friendships, and I enjoy them immensely. I still work on being a friend, and try to remember to treat others in a kindly fashion, and with respect. It takes a long time to develop a solid friendship – one whereby you share everything with each other, support each other emotionally, and back each other up consistently. It takes time to trust each other. In the Program we have the opportunity to meet many people, and sometimes we connect with others solidly, and other times we remain “acquaintances” which is also fine.

I think we (meaning those of us in the Program) are particularly blessed to have the opportunity to meet and share our lives with each other. We develop many close relationships – one special one is the Sponsor/Sponsee relationship that forms for many of us. Talk about friendship – it is all that plus a very special extra which is hard to describe. We exchange much information about ourselves, and learn much about each other. Ideally, we respect each other, learn from each other, hold discussions privately, and speak the same language – the language of the heart. Friendship – I’m still learning how to be a friend, and I have found that the best way to gain a friend is to be one.

Photo is an ANONYMOUS pic of SMB and Maggs at her SF Hotel...Big Book in Hand ♥
Photo is an ANONYMOUS pic of SMB and Maggs at her SF Hotel…Big Book in Hand ♥

3 thoughts on “Special Connections

  1. Wow! The thing that reminds me most about this trip, was that I had to do it, just to know That I was still alive!. This was only a few months after Fordys death and I also knew I had to feel safe. The possibility of drinking would have been tempting if I hadn’t of done three things! I stayed with my sister, who was there for business (also one of us!) and I met and spent time, for the first time with, Zuzu and then our amazing SMB! AA gave me the trust that I could meet this24’s family with no hesitation. It was a major step in my recovery!
    Thanks for the reminder Bonnie.

  2. Top of the morning family,
    “the best way to gain a friend is to be one”. love it,
    Fear of people will leave us….
    peace / progress

  3. Hear, hear.
    This is no little deal, for many us, to become true friends.
    Not greater than, not lesser than but the same as.
    Thinking more of what I have to give than to receive
    To wonder more about you than me.
    For me to want nothing of you other than the best you can have.
    To learn to love “us” and to see ” us” as more than the simple sum of you and me.
    New territory, you showed me.
    Our literature, page 53 of the Twelve and Twelve, has a marvellously blunt paragraph that lays it out big and bold: the problem, its cause and the symptoms.
    Grateful for the wonderful presence you all bring to my life, to gently sow me how to make things better.
    So much better than obsessing on the booze.
    Peace and magic.

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