Willingness is the key here, a willingness to change. Change does not come easy for me, and it seems like the older I get, the harder it is to find the willingness. But I know from past experiences that willingness is the “key” that unlocks the door to recovery. Willingness is closely aligned to humility, as I become humble enough to embrace change, I find that change is “the essence of all growth.” Emotional growth, or emotional maturity is evidenced by the attitude I hold in relationship to my Higher Power, and my relationship with my environment. When I am mature, I am lifted above “childishness” in thought and behavior.

There are several characteristics which indicate when someone has reached a state of “true adulthood,” and some of these are as follows:
1. Criticism is accepted gratefully, creating feelings of being honestly glad for the opportunity to change for the better.
2. The law of compensation (you get what you earn) is beginning to be accepted – and self-pity is not indulged.
3. Expectations of special consideration are diminished.
4. Development of temper control comes more easily.
5. Understanding and acceptance come when feelings of envy, jealousy, or anger materialize, instead of acting out, time is taken to get to a place of learning different ways of behaving. Let the feelings happen, they don’t always dictate my behavior. Calmness in the face of discord is another measure of maturity.

At this age in my life, it is my hope and prayer that I behave in ways that are mature, loving, kind, slower to anger, and faster to compliment other’s behaviors. I have faith in a power greater than myself; I know that I am part of a whole, a member of mankind; and I work to practice the Spiritual Principles, daily. I pray that I continue to grow, continue to change and continue to work the Steps, as well as practice the Spiritual Principles.