Smell The Roses!

“One of the tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”
–Dale Carnegie

I’ve just arrived home from the hospital. My daughter was admitted yesterday and they can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. To see a child in pain is the epitome of Letting go…and trusting in a Higher Power!! I can’t help, with the exception of watching my beautiful grand daughter. Over the last week, I’ve been put on paid administrative leave, had another dear friend close to death, and our own Tom S is having some sort of procedure tomorrow-(PLEASE keep him in your prayers) I haven’t drank over ANY of it! HOW? When I open my eyes in the morning I am GRATEFUL. Throughout the day, I DO smell the roses!! I am ALIVE and no matter what goes on in my day-….it is NEVER a reason to drink. As our good buddy Tom S told me this week-the answers are in the Big Book. True That!! Be that Big Book for someone to see….Live it! And by God….stop to smell the ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Smell The Roses!

  1. A program built for rough going…
    Surgery in 2 hours to remove a cancerous tumour from my bladder wall.
    So to a Big Book Study meeting last night to get inner and outer alignment.
    Been surrounded by the Light from the Fellowship.
    My heart is open today.
    You our in our prayers Bonnie.
    Thanks you
    …and so it is…

  2. 🙂 up early as the furkids can’t sleep, LOL…well, its their ritual.
    I’ll have the nuns say an extra Hail Mary your way, Tom!! You are in our prayers buddy! I came upon a song the other day by Kelly Clarkson that pretty much reminds me of the disease but gives me hope to carry on…..
    and on pg 68 of the BB it states, Paradoxically, it is the way of strength. The verdict of the ages is that faith means courage. Well…by golly, there you have it!!!! Love to you Tom!!!

  3. Love that song and Kelly too. Prayers for Tom and Bonnie’s job. That was mighty kind of ya Jack. Who’d of thought this ole drunk would’ve done anything for anyone other than myself. Have an awesome day folks.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    For me, I enjoy feeling in control of my own schedule and grow frustrated when things don’t go according to MY plan. For me to truely walk in the center of God’s will, I must become willing to cooperate with His time frame. History / my time line and my timing proves this! His timing produces all things beautiful.
    Kelly has another song, “since you’ve been gone”. She’s referring to her exboyfriend. I exchanged the ex for alcohol. Puts me on a highway of goosebumps and inner courage.
    prayers out to Tom S and Bonnie.
    it’s a good day to have a good day.
    peace / progress

  5. To fear God is to be afraid of joy. In looking back, I realize that, during the times I feared God most, there was no joy in my life. As I learned not to fear God, I also learned to experience joy.

    Oh, I am sending a bouquet of roses to you SMB And Tom S. Prayers of peace and comfort as you deal w these tribulations. Kt

    • I know that many of my friends won’t remember that I had carpal tunnel release surgery done on my right wrist in mid-January and this morning I had it done on my left wrist. These conditions have been bothering me for many years or decades with the primary symptom being numbness of the fingers occurring during sleep and intermittent numbness and tingling during the day.
      Special nerve conduction tests in the neurologist facility revealed advanced neuropathy with something called demylinization which points towards nerve damage which may not recover which definitely went into the decision to have the surgeries done.
      I am thankful to our omnipotent and omniscient higher power the grand system devisor for our medical system which is near excellent. – Aggravating as hell sometimes but still near excellent.
      So I had the second risk done this morning and I am home now entering a few months of healing and recovery.
      Aren’t we always recovering from something?
      My life is been filled and is filled with this kind of stuff 🙂 .
      For these things I am constantly thankful.

  6. Great to feel your strength Harry.
    Hope you’re resting comfortably.
    Big old sloppy man hug, mate.
    Anamchara , you told me.
    My time is His time.
    Thanks to all of you for all of your amazing kindness and support.
    I really felt I went in carried on the wings of love…
    Tumour is now out, now to wait for pathology.
    Grateful for the day and all that is in it.

    • Thanks for the update Buddy! Dealing with daughter who will be ok. It’s all in a Higher Plan, right Doc? (I affectionately call Harry Doc as looked at my wrist xray after the plate was put in!!) Amazing things happen when we just don’t take that 1st drink!!!!!! Just…..haha

  7. Boy, have I been out of sorts! Anxious all day and kept thinking I was missing something I needed to do. Then it came to me…..I hadn’t been to this24! Prayers to Doc and Tom S and Bonnies’ Liz.
    I gave up eating ice cream, a real problem, and haven’t had any for 2 weeks! I must be going through sugar withdrawal. So, I forget to come to the place where I receive so much serenity, what’s that all about?!
    How true, this24, that amazing things happen…..if I don’t take that first drink!!
    God, please keep healing eyes over our friends that are compromised physically. Shower love and serenity as they face these challenges.
    Love you all.

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