Learning Life Lessons

I believe that I learn from many sources; I learn from others in recovery, I learn from the literature I read daily, I learn from the writing I do daily, I learn from strangers, sometimes, and I learn from those who have preceded me, as well as those who are bringing up the rear, the newcomer. I learn from my sponsor, my trudge-buddies, and from the many “life experiences” I have had, and continue to have, daily. I learn when I least expect it, and I learn when I read the same passage for the umpteenth time. Every time I pick up the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, I learn something new about life, about myself as a human being, about the recovery process, about living one day at a time.

I never know when or where my “teachers” will appear, I am to be open to them, and open to the lessons that will be of benefit to me and through me to others. I have learned from the LOVE of my LIFE, and my grand daughter, they teach me patience, tolerance and love. I learn from my “sisters in recovery” by allowing me the privilege of being a fellow traveler on this “road to a happy destiny.” I look for the lessons in life – especially those lessons that appear when I am challenged in life; as I wait for a decision about my job(LIMBO ISN’T FUN) . I look to the oldtimer in the Program, as well as the newcomer when it comes to life lessons. The oldtimer may be able to impart the ways and means they have found to serenity and happiness, but the newcomer can also teach me just how rotten it is “out there” and remind me of the treachery of alcoholism: IT is always “THERE” waiting. . .waiting for me to forget just who I am. I am and always will be “Bonnie, alcoholic.”



12 thoughts on “Learning Life Lessons

  1. I have a couple of old rusted out garden carts which I pull behind my lawnmower to do various tasks in my garden spot at our cottage on Lake Sinclair so I decided they were not going to be serviceable much longer and recently replaced them with a new purchase of a more modern dump cart which is made out of plastic and metal with four wheels and since it is mostly plastic, won’t ever rust out.

    Like lots of things; “Some assembly is required”.

    The enclosed assembly instructions estimated time of assembly to be 30 minutes so my wife and I laid out the project, read the instructions and proceeded on this job which wound up taking two or three hours and there as I was doing it I thought about the 30 minute allotment of time and concluded that this was a fair estimate for a skilled worker who had trained in this process and had all his tools and work conditions for efficient job completion at hand.
    One of our problems was that we had to hunt and fetch additional tools as we went on.
    Anyway kind of long story short, the task was completed in a few hours and a beautiful smoothly functioning garden cart was present.

    My wife and I didn’t lose patience with ourselves or with each other during this arduous process – thanks be to God. 🙂

    Kind of reminds me of taking inventory in our 12 step program of recovery which must be an integral part for there are several steps including the 4th, 5th and especially the 10th which train us and give us the opportunity to become proficient in introspection.

    As the early Greek philosophers advise us, “A life unexamined is not worth living” – Socrates.

    I hasten to add that doing this not only searches for shortcomings but for various victories over shortcomings and recognition of progress made.

    “We claim spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection”.

  2. Our literature is wonderfully blunt about our inability, whilst our spiritual malady remains untreated, of forming a true partnership with another human being. Of our terror at true intimacy. It further describes the fearful isolation in which our self reliance places us and the unacknowledged denial with which we cloak ourselves about the whole matter.
    So the notion of taking on a seemingly mundane, potentially frustrating task, in concert with our partner, without Mr. Ego’s interference, bears witness to me of the working of the Divine in our lives.
    I read elsewhere that as I look for the Divine in others, I may find it in myself.
    Today, I see His presence all around me. When it is seemingly absent , I ask Him how I might. bring the Light within to shine. Frequently the answer is for me to quietly pray, without disturbing the scene. The gentle reminder that it ain’t about me.
    Thank you for showing me how to live God’s Gift.

  3. I love that picture! Thanks for your share today. We are always learning. We are also decision makers and every moment provides me the opportunity to move in the direction of my higher self or in the direction of stagnation or degradation. Today I ask my HP to help me follow his will to a higher self. I just found out the other day that one of my favorite singers, Judy Collins just celebrated 37 years of sobriety on April 2Oth. What a blessing.

  4. Before I retired, I was a Manager for a classified company. I had a large staff and I assigned a project leader to head one or more projects. The project leader selected a team with the skills, experience, and ability to deliver the project on time to the customer. A project plan was created, and one of the tasks that I required was a task with the title of Review and Re-plan. Sound familiar? During my recovery, I never wanted to re-plan to start from the beginning, but if I had to I would. I already had many months of sobriety and spirituality, and I wanted to build on the good and leave the rest behind. Today I do a re-plan at the end of the day for the next day. In the morning, I listen to my mind, body and soul. I then decide on the activities that will keep me sober. My plan for sobriety is not full proof and that is why I have to have God in my life and live one day at a time.

  5. Top of the afternoon family,
    By doing the steps with attitude and action, I found this to be a direct assult on my self, pride/ego, and my famous natural superiority. If someone had done to me what I did to myself – I would of killed that person. The life lesson I learned: was that i was at total outright war with myself, albeit I was also the victim. Today, I strive for my life to be a simple thank-you note – to the Author of grace and generosity.
    It took the blue book for me to understand the black book.
    it’s a good day to have a good day

  6. Good Morning, I am Kt alcoholic, I had two meetings yesterday. Met w sponsees, a couple cancelled, forgot and got interrupted by family matters. So I thought about learning more about patience, and how impatient I can get when everybody in my life may seem to do differently than I anticipated. Lol. Then I remember those words my sponsor says, Love , patience and tolerance.

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