I believe that I learn from many sources; I learn from others in recovery, I learn from the literature I read daily, I learn from the writing I do daily, I learn from strangers, sometimes, and I learn from those who have preceded me, as well as those who are bringing up the rear, the newcomer. I learn from my sponsor, my trudge-buddies, and from the many “life experiences” I have had, and continue to have, daily. I learn when I least expect it, and I learn when I read the same passage for the umpteenth time. Every time I pick up the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, I learn something new about life, about myself as a human being, about the recovery process, about living one day at a time.

I never know when or where my “teachers” will appear, I am to be open to them, and open to the lessons that will be of benefit to me and through me to others. I have learned from the LOVE of my LIFE, and my grand daughter, they teach me patience, tolerance and love. I learn from my “sisters in recovery” by allowing me the privilege of being a fellow traveler on this “road to a happy destiny.” I look for the lessons in life – especially those lessons that appear when I am challenged in life; as I wait for a decision about my job(LIMBO ISN’T FUN) . I look to the oldtimer in the Program, as well as the newcomer when it comes to life lessons. The oldtimer may be able to impart the ways and means they have found to serenity and happiness, but the newcomer can also teach me just how rotten it is “out there” and remind me of the treachery of alcoholism: IT is always “THERE” waiting. . .waiting for me to forget just who I am. I am and always will be “Bonnie, alcoholic.”