Trusting in a “power” greater than myself is what enabled me to begin the process of change we call recovery. I had finally reached a point of acceptance that I could not get sober on my own. I came to the rooms of A.A. and found a whole room full of people who were in varying stages of recovery; some of them for many years, and some, like me, with just a few days. I was skeptical, at first, about this “God thing,” but in time came to the knowledge that there was a path to sobriety with the help of a power greater than myself. There seemed to be a wide variety of names given to this power – I chose to call my Higher Power, God. In the Program we are each encouraged to “create” and name our own “power.” What I call my Higher Power is not as important as believing in this power. The “proof” of a power greater than the disease of alcoholism is in the reality of those present at the tables. . . many of whom have been sober for years. It took acceptance, willingness and openness for me to reach a place of believing in a Higher Power, but I am so grateful that I have reached that place.

Instead of the “battle” I was expecting, what I found was peace and serenity through working the Steps of the Program. The key to opening the doors to sobriety is willingness. I just had to keep claiming my seat at the tables, work to keep an open mind, and try for acceptance. I could see the Program at work in the lives of those present at the tables, and I wanted whatever it was they had. It’s been a process – a process of change that has occurred in my life. Today I go where I am led and follow my heart. I hear the term “the grace of God” and have come to understand what that means – for me, it means that the God of my understanding, is always there for me and that he graces me with a life unearned – and yet I am becoming worthy of this life. Being of service to others is one way for me to “return the favor,” for my recovery is truly a blessing, and one that I shall be eternally grateful. ♥