4th Dimension

In the Big Book, the chapter entitled “There is a Solution” I find “We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.” That’s on page 25 and well worth reading and re-reading. My life has been totally changed from the way it was. I find my behavior has changed, my view of life has changed, and my attitude has done a U-turn. I no longer hold others responsible for my happiness, my well-being, I am responsible for me – bottom line. This “new dimension” finds my life transformed from one of anger, resentment, dishonesty, pride, jealousy, and full of self-pity. I am no longer just another victim of a cruel world. I am responsible for me, for my recovery, and for my serenity and growth. My life is not governed by my alcoholism, now it is governed by a loving God of my understanding. I have a “spiritual tool kit” that helps me to change not only my behavior, but my attitude, as well. I came to the tables a victim and today I know that to be untrue – I am responsible for me.

I have continued to grow and change, to evolve into the person I see in the mirror today – a grown, responsible woman who cares deeply for others and one who believes strongly in the love of and power of God. Whatever others call this “miracle,” for me, it is nothing short of a miraculous change than has no earthly explanation. My transformation is based in the spiritual, I have absolutely no doubt of that. Gratitude to AA is only the beginning of my thankfulness, it is extended to everyone who has touched my life in recovery, and to all those that continue to serve as examples of what true sobriety and recovery can look like. I am blessed beyond measure.


19 thoughts on “4th Dimension

  1. One day back in the last century Sherry a fair maiden and Harry were accompanied by two close friends and in the presence of the pastor affirmed the marriage vows which were to be realized later as guiding principles on their marriage journey.
    For the next 10 years they experienced the downward spiral of alcoholism during which time the vows were perhaps dimly recalled.
    Both became sick and tired of being sick and tired and after many encounters with higher authorities, when all else seemed to fail divorce action was instigated and extreme disciplinary action was inaugurated which forced a solution part of which was beginning an arduous process of 12 step work which demands personal responsibility and accountability and recognizes need for assistance by higher forces called by most God as we understand him.

    April 26
    Grapevine Quote
    “The Fourth Step lets me look at myself, look into my fear of not getting something I want or of losing something I have, get a perspective on my character defects, and move forward to try to establish true partnerships with other human beings.”
    Riverdale, Mich., April 1997
    “Naming the Negatives?”
    Beginners’ Book

    We are life partners who love and respect each other with the deepest markings of devotion and friendship and celebrate 38 years of sometimes rocky road relationship.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. A monumental action for me was doing another 4th step a few months ago! I seemed stuck in my grieving process and wasn’t sure where to go next. My sponsor suggested a redo on step 4 after talking to her sponsor. Once I got going on it, it just flowed! I experienced another spiritual revelation! The way I was starting my day, charged, as did my clarity on many things! 4th dimension?!, I’m not totally sure why/how, but a profound spiritual change did occur! Amazing what these principles can do if you keep an open mind, be honest with yourself and have the wiiingness to do whatever it takes to stay sober.

  3. I’m having trouble with my user name and password, but I guess it doesn’t really matter, most of you know me already. Any suggestions?

  4. Good morning, I am Poppapete a real alcoholic. With all of the health problems that have come and gone the last year I am off my program. Today the reading and your comments gives me food for thought. My sponsor moved on and I have not looked into getting another for several months. I need to remedy that. Yesterday, Soto talked about meetings. I have not been to one in a while. Today Maggie talks about the 4th step. Something I need to go back and look into, for my sake of well being. I have been putting all my time into others and not taking care of my spiritual well being.Is it possible that coming back to where I started with this24 when I became sober 4 years ago that I have came upon some of the answers I have been looking for? I think a reading of the BB is a good place to start. SMB, Maggie, Harry and Soto thank you for holding out a branch for me to grab onto and start looking for the beginning again. God bless and have a wonderful day. Prayers for all

    • Dear Poppapete!! Welcome back to posting!! It looks like you and Harry have the same problem I have about “user names”. Oh well.
      Funny thing about this24, it’s still here!! Bonnie (Sister Mary) has done a brilliant job at writing the reflections…….every day!!! Her service is very much appreciated.
      I think you’ve answered your questions!! Get back in to this24 ( great place to start) and get to some meetings. You must have some familiar ones from before. You’ll get a sense of serenity immediately, if you haven’t already!!
      One day at a time!

  5. a little flurry of activity, wonderful how we all pull in same direction.
    I have been reading the posts off and on over the past couple of months, but for whatever reason have not been sharing anything myself. will try to be more active.

  6. I am getting back into my spiritual connection with God. With the death of my Son I questioned his decision. Attending AA meetings, and a new NA meeting has started in our small town of Globe. There are many recovering on drugs and I believe I can be of service and they can help me continue with sobriety. I will attend both AA and NA meetings. This is the beauty of my 4th Dimension, being able to make clear decisions. To do this, I must remain sober. God bless all of you.

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