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Sooooooooo…..I don’t have to participate in negative discussions, particularly those that belittle or work to shame another member of the Program.  We are all in a stage of learning – every day, in every way.  No one among us is perfect, but I believe I can improve and I work to that end, daily.  I can just come right out and state the obvious, that the conversation has a negative tone to it.  I can choose to leave and find others with a more positive discourse to relate to.  Negativity pulls me down, and I am no longer comfortable with character assignations.  But the minute I think I’m all that and a bag of chips, I find my mouth running someone down – be it a physical thing, a program thing or an economic thing.  When I become aware of this negative trait, I can back-pedal and apologize for my comments.  Reminding myself that I serve as an example to others – each of us represents the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous – and I want to present a positive experience for who ever is in earshot of my comments.  The old ways are still there, just beneath my surface, and will show up every now and then.  I just need to be mindful of that fact, and when they do show up, I can put into practice what I have learned:  Live and Let Live, I am no longer a victim, berating others only belittles me, positive response begets positive action, and Be Part of the Solution, not the Problem.  Going from negative to positive – it’s a process, just like many things in the Program, it begins with me, and from me to others around me.