Attributes And Goals

For so many years I believed myself to be “bad,” that I was defective in some fashion that I did not understand, but “bad” I was. Today, I know that to be untrue. Before recovery I would look at others and try to fathom how they got to where they were, and how they managed to be “good” day after day, when I could not. It seemed like I was always on the dark side of life. I did not know how to be kind, smart, wise, courteous, or any of the other things that, to me, defined “good.”

I am learning to love myself. I came to the tables with a sagging self-image of a chronic loser, someone who always fell short of the aspirations of others, and myself. But inch by inch, and day by day, that has changed, just as I have changed. I no longer accept the opinion of others as defining of me – everyone has an opinion, which they are entitled to, but that does not make it so, it is simply their opinion. How I feel about myself is important. Feeling good about myself affords me the opportunity to change – because I know I am capable of growth and change – just like others in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. The better I treat others, AND myself, the better I become. To be more loving, more caring, more “valuable” means loving myself as I love others. The more I love me and you – the more love I receive from others. I am learning every day – I have great examples in the rooms of A.A., they teach me the “HOW” of recovery all the time: Honesty, Openness, Willingness.


6 thoughts on “Attributes And Goals

  1. 30
    These legacies of suffering and of recovery are easily passed among alcoholics, one to the other. This is our gift from God, and its bestowal upon others like us is the one aim that today animates A.A.’s all around the globe.
    The great paradox of A.A. is that I know I cannot keep the precious gift of sobriety unless I give it away.
    My primary purpose is to stay sober. In A.A. I have no other goal, and the importance of this is a matter of life or death for me. If I veer from this purpose I lose. But A.A. is not only for me; it is for the alcoholic who still suffers. The legions of recovering alcoholics stay sober by sharing with fellow alcoholics. The way to my recovery is to show others in A.A. that when I share with them, we both grow in the grace of the Higher Power, and both of us are on the road to a happy destiny.
    From the book Daily Reflections
    . πŸ™‚
    “Be kind and considerate”.
    . πŸ™‚
    Why don’t you try to treat others like you would like to be treated?
    . πŸ™‚
    These are just samples of a few suggestions made to me about behaving myself the best way that I knew how and later on I learned: “As you give, so shall you receive”. πŸ™‚
    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic.

  2. This Road of Happy Destiny…so the Road is the Destination.
    We’re on it.
    Now, how we choose to trudge it…that matters.
    As Bonnie shares ” The better I treat others AND myself, the better I become” and Harry echoes ” As you give , so shall you receive”.
    These are foundational spiritual, or religious or metaphysical precepts.
    They are revolutionary and I didn’t want to hear them, because they were such a threat to my ego’s complete sway over my life. But I also didn’t want to continue alone, forlorn and under the increasingly dour grip of alcohol.
    So eventually I saw that what you guys did worked.
    Imperceptibly, grudgingly resistance was worn away by your patience, tolerance kindliness and love. You showed me the Way that I might show others.
    Grateful for His Grace.

  3. as I ask for guidance in the morning and as I am thankful for the day in the evening, so I come to realize the gifts of sobriety. no longer do I fear people or economic insecurity. not that I am rich and everybody has become my pal, it is just that the fear is greatly reduced. as I stay grateful and listen for the still small voice, then I see the rewards. not always grandiose, but still there.
    keep on the path.

  4. . Know that your life is full of glad promise.
    If I continue to know sobriety is my most important goal, because without that I became very miserable and unfortunately others around me were impacted.
    I believe today that sobriety is way better than the other life. I do have promise today of a better life. Thanks this 24 readers & Ms SMB and her profound shares.

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