Patience is a particular requirement. Without it, you can destroy in an hour what it might take you weeks to repair.
–Charlie W. Shedd

I enjoy this quote, and found it to be poetic. I love words and the pictures they can paint in my mind. Patience is something that I aspire to, it’s not always something I possess.
I have trouble practicing patience with people. Sometimes I work to focus my attention on the here and now, which helps me with my emotions towards those who are slower than me – or at least it seems that way. Instead of complaining about another’s behavior, perhaps I can assist them in some way – or – I can work to remember that love and tolerance is our code. Patience comes into play when I am driving and I focus on my own driving and just give others the space they may be jockeying for. I have to do my part – I cannot direct the actions of others on the road, but I can work to give myself plenty of time, so that I don’t become impatient. Unfortunately, road rage is a reality in today’s world.

We each have our own “pace.” Some are slower than others, and others are much faster. Listen to the Lord’s Prayer, at the end of a meeting. Some people say it fast, while others are slower, usually we all “get it together” part way into it. We find the pace and we adjust our pace to fit the pace of others. This, also, is a form of patience. The same applies with eating – some just “woof” their food down while others take their sweet time and chew every bite at least twenty-two times (sorry, I’m being facetious). I find, that for me, I have to be mindful of my impatience with others. I have to slow down – breathe – focus on the here and now and not be rushing to the next “thing” before I even finish what’s in front of me to do. One thing at a time, one day at a time, and one task at a time . . . it works, when I work it.