There is much to be said for the practice of giving. When I give to others, I feel better about myself. Who I am and what I share with others are closely connected. I believe that I get back so much more than I ever give. Through the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous I have learned to give without expectation. I give because I want to, I give because I can, and I give because it’s the right thing to do. The Program works because the basic premise of one alcoholic helping another is what has shown to be the “glue” that holds us together. I can talk to another person, sharing my experience, strength, an hope with each other, knowing that we are each individually responsible for our recovery, but at the same time supporting and loving one another. These are precious gifts – and they are mine to keep, as long as I am willing to share them.

Our relationships have been likened to those of elephants, who protect and surround the weaker ones of the group, when it is needed. I can count on my AA family to be there for me, in any crises, or any threat to my recovery. What I share with others in the Program is nothing less than miracles – gifts from God, my Higher Power. I have learned the true blessing of giving – without expectation of getting something in return. God has blessed me with love, friends, peace, confidence in the Program and love for all the members, the “old-timers” and the new “babies” struggling with sobriety. Each an every one blesses me with strength, knowledge, and above all . . . love.