I Am A Student In Life

Good Morning Family!
Quote is from “The Language of Letting Go” May 9th:  “Learning New Behaviors”
Sometimes we’ll take a few steps backward.  That’s okay too.  Sometimes it necessary.  Sometimes it’s part of going forward.
Codependent No More
Life is Gentle Teacher.  She wants to help us learn. 💜💛💜

6 thoughts on “I Am A Student In Life

  1. In material things, you must rely on your own wisdom and that of others. In spiritual things, you cannot rely so much on your own wisdom as on God’s guidance. In dealing with personalities, it is a mistake.

    This exerpt out of 24. Somewhere it talks about principles before personalities regarding the aa principles. I need to be reminded about material things and the balance of spiritual

    • Thanks Kt, it you who said something today that helped me, having to do with talking to God first when dealing with personalities. I was reading your post while listening to TV and thinking about a friend of mine in NA who’s struggling with another personalty in NA. we talked last night for a while on the phone and know where were at but this other man claims to not be a predator yet jumps from relationship to relationship even scaring women away in our meeting. We call him on his BS but he denies his behavior. thing is he’s now aware that we are aware and he’s getting better about his eye rolling, giving advice and holier than though attitude at times. Seems to be more about demanding respect than anything else and I Always to talk to God and another human being before confronting anyone on their behavior. Before coming into this program i would’ve just let him have a piece of my mind without regard before thinking, pondering and praying about it. Sometimes i have to defend those who can not yet defend themselves in a loving way of course. God bless and Happy Mothers day!

  2. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara.

    I certainly am not humble enough to scratch the surface of God’s glory. I always expect more praise and encouragement from other people than any human being could ever deserve. Therefore, wouldn’t you know that I am always dissatisfied?
    Is there any way to turn this shortcoming toward my spiritual quest?
    Is the consciousness of this ego driven part of my mind at least a starting point towards correction?
    I know I have more questions than answers!

    Seems to me I considered the process of “getting out of self” a short while ago and even though I don’t remember in detail the apparently clear-cut way towards this desired state I suppose it must be by the way of serving others especially with no expectation of any quid pro quo.

    Ah! Ego you are devious.

    Another great dividend we may expect from confiding our defects to another human being is humility – a word often misunderstood. . . . it amounts to a clear recognition of what and who we really are, followed by a sincere attempt to become what we could be.
    I knew deep inside that if I were ever to be joyous, happy and free, I had to share my past life with some other individual. The joy and relief I experienced after doing so were beyond description. Almost immediately after taking the Fifth Step, I felt free from the bondage of self and the bondage of alcohol. That freedom remains after 36 years, a day at a time. I found that God could do for me what I couldn’t do for myself.
    From the book Daily Reflections

    “….. followed by a sincere attempt to become what we could be.”

    Is this yearning anticipatory to the solution?
    Is it done in the reasonable expectation of a future event?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, US of A.

  3. Eventually, as I could start to actually hear the words you were saying I heard the word fear a lot. And the literature and the program spoke of it. And you showed that beneath the more readily apparent fears dwelled the really deep ones.
    That I was actually afraid to live the life offered me. That I was actually afraid to be intimate with other human beings. That even deeper than fear, there lie pervasive shame.
    I didn’t come to AA to hear that.
    But you showed it was true for me and many of those around me. And that all was okay, that this was a safe place where my fragile spirit would be treated with respect and I could learn to be useful.
    That I could become the man God wished me to be.
    And so it was.
    Grateful for the Gift

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