My Part In Life

Step Five, a “new beginning” Step. It released my fears of discovery and rejection. It was a solid step towards ridding myself of the old behaviors of lying, cheating and stealing. . . however that was defined for me. Step Five , if I was to be serious about my recovery, this was the Step that took me to a place of depth and honesty. I can lie to others, but I cannot lie to myself with any candor, nor any length of time. The truth will come out – and this is the Step that does it. I knew what was true and what was not, and I had come to understand what was needed in order to claim the gift of sobriety. In writing my Fourth Step, I was called on to put down on paper all the misdeeds and shortcomings of my life. This was no easy task, and it was a lengthy process of digging deep into all the lies I had told myself and others. Steps Four and Five became a cleansing process, one that enabled me to uncover the truth of my life. Not the life I told others about, but the real one – the one I participated in. I had to find my part in my character defects, and sure enough they were there when I dug deep enough to find them.

Step Five – showed me my defects of character and all my shortcomings. When I was first asked about my defects of character, I replied that I didn’t have any. After my sponsor got through laughing, she told me to take another look at my Fourth Step. I did, and darn if I didn’t find a bunch of them – being a liar, a cheat and a thief was but a beginning. A good place for me to start was with the Spiritual Principles of the Program. For every one of the Spiritual Principles, there is a defect of character. The opposite of honesty, dishonesty. The opposite of humility is pride. Forgiveness is the opposite of resentment – and so it goes. Now I have a whole list of character defects that I work on, every day. These “behaviors” are my part in my life. I no longer claim to be just a victim of life, today I know that with the help of my Higher Power, and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous; I can find the means of being graced with recovery, true sobriety and a life unlike anything I ever imagined.door-knob


5 thoughts on “My Part In Life

  1. Yesterday my Low spirit uttered a prayer.
    Today God answered! – hes

    Looking at the outer conditions of my life, I may feel dissatisfied or restless. Rather than seeking more in the outer world to meet my needs, I recognize my dissatisfaction as a nudge from God to turn within. I journey inward to the sanctuary of my soul, and discover my Oneness with all that is. In Oneness, there is no lack—I am whole and complete.
    My spiritual journey does not come with a guidebook or map. Wisdom is my guide as I step into the unknown. As I surrender and grow, I trust the healing power of God within. No outward status or possession can make me complete—the ever-present Spirit gives me all I need to thrive.-

    😉 🙂

    Make me to know your ways … lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation.—Psalm 25:4-5

  2. Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may feel protected and safe, but not only when I am in the harbor. I pray that I may have protection and safety even in the midst of the storms of life.
    Exerpt from thought for the day.

    I like the statement that SMB wrote about forgiveness being opposite of resentment. For me resentments can sneak in my busy busy alcoholic mind very fast and within seconds a hostile take over is filled with, I can never forgive, this is wrong, wrong, wrong. What I am beginning to learn is it is we wrong for me to live with resentments. Thus these shares and readings give me a glimmer of hope that I can continue to grow in recovery. As Harry referenced Psalm 25 4 5 I can ask my hp to know the truth and to help me by teaching me.
    Thanks be to God.

  3. I am a pretty practical guy, I think.
    So when I find something that works, I use it.
    Page 552 of the BB has saved my butt a bunch of times; it gets my mind off of me and blah, blah, blah and into progress.
    When I simply did what it said to do, kinda like when I decided boot camp in the Marine Corps worked better if I didn’t debate with the Drill Instructors, then I found the way to a peaceful heart.
    Forgiveness is now something I ask God’s help with daily. And as I do as I am told, I become infused with the serene peace that I am in The World, as He would have me be. I am, in my totally limited human capacity, an instrument of His Peace, not a prisoner of my judgement.
    I’m better off, and those around me are better off.
    And I just came here to learn how to drink like a gentleman.

    • freedom from bondage of self. I will pray for them, that everything I want for myself to be given to them, health wealth and prosperity.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    My part in life:
    Learning and understanding how to “just be”…
    peace / progress

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