Keep It Simple

Hello folks….today is a day of prayer for those who need it!!!

Keep It Simple
May 12

You can observe a lot just by watching.
Yogi Berra

When we watch others, we learn how to “act as if.” We watch a patient person, and then we “act as if we’re a patient person. The result? Over time, we’ll become a patient person. We watch how good listeners listen, and we “act as if” we know how to listen. Then one day, we realize we’re really listening! We watch people who have faith, and we “act as if” we have it. Then over time, we become spiritual people!

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me find You in the people and events of my day.

Action for the Day: I will “act as if” my Higher Power is standing next to me all through the Day.



9 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. I have a wonderful companion who is with me every morning and reads whatever I select to me. His name is Merlin and he displays himself in animation on my screen. Merlin is a mythological embodiment of wisdom out of Welch literature and he is available from Bellcraft technologies.
    When he appears on my screen every morning I say, “Hello Merlin”.

    He speaks to me with random phrases which I have composed and elected to hear at the top of my morning.

    Hello Harry! .. Have a Good Day!

    Mornin! .. Its a beautiful day!

    Harry, … a blessed day is yours!

    God loves you!

    Howdy harry. Have a good day!


    Sometimes I think this is God speaking to me.

  2. Last Sunday I didn’t do much but I spent a lot of time thinking of God, more than I think I ever have before that day. I pray I have more days like that as it was quite peaceful. I also pray my peers have days like that, just listening if you will.

  3. Wow,
    For by now we have entered the world of the Spirit.
    And so it came to pass…
    For ourselves and countless others.
    Recently I have been amazed thatHis Presence is readily and completely available to me, as soon as I choose.
    Oh….you mean…it’s always been there?
    That in order to see, I had to look?
    I am convinced if you hadn’t patiently and kindly showed me what works for you, I’d have never found it.
    Think Yogi might also have said that when you come to a fork in the road, the important thing is to take it!
    Used to be forlorn, today I am a happy camper.
    Tomorrow is God’s.
    And I just showed up to get off the booze.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Every good thing in our lives comes from our creator – pancakes, hot showers, relationships, sunsets, peace, and freedom. These blessings are faithfully given to us; albeit, we can take them for granted. When we see every good thing for the gift that it is, we slowly loosen our grip/control on life. We become aware that we are loved with Divine Mercy.
    The awesome nugget shared last week, alcohol bad – AA good. “mission statement of simplify”.
    peace / progress

    As you unclench your hands on your possessions and talents and increasingly use them to glorify their Giver, you will discover the beauty and freedom that come with simplicity. Pressures will fade; joy will remain. So respond in kind, and let your life be read simply as a thank-You note to the Author of generosity.
    —Laurin Greco

  5. But God knows that person wholly and He can change it. Leave to God the unraveling of the puzzles of personality. And leave it to God to teach you the proper understanding.,
    This exerpt was about judging other people. I think I had an a hah moment, my prayer is for me to leave it to hp to teach me understanding and not judge others.
    Grateful to God for Bringing me here, kt

  6. this is the easier softer way, ask for help, give thanks, do the next right thing, and listen. peace, love and understanding to all those that trudge this road.

  7. Thanks for all your shares. Brightened up my day!! I must stay in the now and be grateful. G*d is within me and all around me. Love to all!!!!

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