I have never been in a position of having “material wealth,” It does not bother me any more, I am content to have all that I do have. The ironic thing is that others view me as having material wealth. or at least being able to live “comfortably,” whatever that may mean. I focus on my spiritual “wealth” and have been blessed there beyond measure. Having “enough” means that I can now focus on my spiritual well being. My income is enough to support me, if I’m careful. I no longer envy those with “regular” homes, today I am content with the home I have. I used to strive for material wealth by means of accumulating “stuff.” I find that it’s much more satisfying to work towards the spiritual than it is the material.

Today I’m striving for a stronger connection to my Higher Power, God, and work towards that goal, right along with working towards being of service to others in the Program. My life is based in the spiritual, not the material. I like that, I like being able to “give back” and I try to work towards living by the spiritual principles. I leave the material in God’s hands, and choose to keep my attention on being of service in whatever way I can, be that as a sponsor, a trusted servant or just a simple member of A.A.