I find it hard to ask for help – when I clearly need it. I think part of that is this aging process, I don’t want to admit to being less “strong” than I was, or unable to perform as I once did. Some of it is also this grand and glorious ego that surely does not want to admit not knowing something. Asking for advice and asking for help are clearly two different things. I fully believe asking for advice is wanting someone to validate my decision or my choice. I see this practiced when it comes to sponsoring, as we do in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no two sponsors who sponsor others exactly alike, sponsoring is as individual as the people who perform this selfless act of hope and faith. I believe I sponsor others in the hope of their sobriety and recovery.

In so far as suggestion goes, I do seek suggestions of others with more experience than myself and I do watch and learn from others whenever I can. I do listen to those whose lives I aspire to. When I take an honest look at my behavior when it comes to asking for help, I can see where improvement is needed, but I can also see that I have made some progress in this area – from the days of old, when I tried to rule the world all by myself. I know I am not the ruler of the world, I try to focus on just helping my world work for me, one day at a time – and with God’s help I am making progress. But it takes more than just me, I work towards progress with the help of my Higher Power, God.