It’s been a ROUGH 24 hours folks. One of our furbabies is ill. We almost lost him. He is on the mend now with medication. With little sleep, my brain is mush, so please forgive me as I copy the meditation from Keep it simple:

Keep It Simple
May 17

Each day provides its own gifts.
—Ruth P. Freedman

Spiritual growth is the greatest gift we can receive. And we earn it through taking risks. There is much risk involved in working the Steps: The risk of admitting that we’re out of control. The risk of turning our will and lives over to a Power greater than ourselves. The risk of letting go of character defects. The risk of making amends to people we’ve harmed. The risk of admitting our wrongs. The risk of telling our stories as we carry the message of hope. To grow spiritually, we need these adventures. These challenges. These risks.
Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me to take the risks that I need in order to grow.
Action for the Day: I will look at today as an adventure with my Higher Power. I will list the fears I’ll need to let go of.