One of my favorite freedoms – the freedom to be me, is just enough to put an upswing to my mood. I don’t have to be anyone else, I don’t have to be anything else – just me. I have finally come to a place where being me is okay. No, I’m still not perfect, but I am a better version of me than I ever was before recovery. Today, through the power invested in me by my Higher Power, I can embrace the power to simply be myself, warts and all. I am free not to drink today, I am free to feel the happiness of acceptance, and I am free to take whatever action I can towards that end.

Today I am free to be me. Today I am free to change, I am free to embrace my blessings, I am free to continue to work the Steps and participate in my recovery. I am free to feel a purpose and a direction in my life, to be of service to others wherever I can, I am free to feel secure financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I am free to find and keep a loving God, as I understand Him. I am free!!!!