I certainly did not know that by sharing my story with others, it would afford me more strength in my battle with alcohol.  I have listened to many people share their experience, strength and hope with others, and just about every time I would get this feeling of being “at one with others.”  I found that I was not so different as I had thought.  It made me realize that I am just a human being, fallible like everyone else.  I came face to face with the realization that I am not as unique as I thought.  I’m just another alcoholic, another sober drunk, and another person looking for a path out from the depths of my misery to the heights of my recovery.

It’s truly amazing how the Program works, but work it does – as long as I am willing to do whatever footwork is needed(steps,steps,steps) it will continue to shine the light of recovery on the path I need to take.  With the help of others who are on this same path, and the faith I have in a Higher Power, there seems to be no limit to the aspirations I can have today.  I am free to go where I want today, no one tells me to leave, that I am not wanted here – that was the way it was before, but not now.  No one casts me out with phrases like “We don’t want your kind here.”  Today I am welcomed, today I am loved, and today I am truly one of God’s chosen ones.