Life Is Good!

Great discussion today trudgers….we can do that!!! Isn’t it AMAZING???

I am learning to be social without the chaos of drinking. I’ve heard many members say that they thought that having fun was a thing of the past, once they gave up drinking. Isn’t it odd that we tend to think of ourselves as having fun, when the truth of the matter is we often created problems when we drank, woke up feeling absolutely miserable, with a killer hangover and empty pockets. Where’s the enjoyment in that? I have come to realize that I needed to find new ways of enjoying myself – this is very important in view of recovery. It’s not the end of pleasure because we no longer drink, it’s really the beginning of learning new ways and means of having fun – without all the headaches, literally and figuratively.

I need to learn how to make friends, and I am learning that to have friends I need to be a friend. There are many ways of enjoying my recovery, and the longer I’m sober, the more ways I find of feeling good. I believe that I will be more inclined to remain sober if my life is enjoyable. I didn’t get sober to be miserable – I no longer have to struggle with life and all the problems that resulted from my alcoholism – today I can continue to grow and change, and even enjoy myself!!


3 thoughts on “Life Is Good!

  1. So after much reading about being the chosen,” One” I seen nothing about, ” One” and much about the power of the group.
    So yesterday my felon buddy asked me to be his sponsor and just so know there’s no judgement about being a felon because I am one too.. Anyways while he was asking i thought, Ok, maybe now you’ll follow some suggestions like becoming a member of a group of men who’ve learned how to stay sober and quit controlling everything. He now chairs a meeting but has never committed to any other group previously and had a sponsor in way far away land always bitching about others interrupting others yet was the worst offender last week at our NA group. I honestly thought I was gonna have to bitch slap em and tell him to shut hell up last week but I patiently listened to see if he offended others for then I would’ve taken action. More to be revealed and i’m sure he will teach me much, lol

    Tonight I get to do a little diddy on faith at our AA meeting of which I am a member for over 5 years now. It’s good timing because lately I’ve been questioning my faith. Actually I don’t think I’m questioning my faith but he’s certainly confusing the hell of out of me, hopefully literally.

    God bless!

  2. My personal experience suggests the more I faithfully act in accordance with our principles, the more faith I receive. The specific principle I get the most out of, os the old reminder ” take it to The Lord in prayer”.
    Our Book suggests “we shouldn’t be shy on this matter of prayer” so I am asking The Great Reality to help me use the Power even more, as directed.
    Grateful for Undeserved Grace.

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