When I was drinking it was all about me, me, me! It never occurred to me that others were having as hard a time as I was, or that other people had problems – problems were not unique to just me, but I did not see that. Attitude and action are key elements in my recovery. My attitude is what drives me on a daily basis; I can be funky or I can be mellow. I can participate in my own recovery by using the process described in the Big Book: Going to meetings, working the Steps, and carrying the message. It’s a simple program for complex people. My behavior is what defines my attitude and outlook: when I am participating in my own recovery I feel good, I feel useful, I feel worthy of good things, I feel “right” with the God of my understanding. Just the opposite happens when I “step” away from the Program: problems seem to be insurmountable, people seem to be just plain antagonistic, nothing feels positive.

I heard a new phrase while watching a movie the other day, it is “Action is the enemy of thought.” I like many of you, can get squirrely once in a while. My mind will just keep going over and over the same problem, issue, or change. To break that cycle of squirrely thinking I just have to do some action – be that a phone call, a meeting, or a heartfelt prayer and meditation with the God of my understanding; the main idea is that getting into some type of action breaks up the thought process – and who knows what another might say in a meeting that will clearly answer the problem. Sometimes, just taking some kind of action will help to calm the squirrel down,, and restore me to sanity. Today I am willing to go to any length to stay sober.