I believe it is important for my recovery to recognize the fact that I am simply just another woman in recovery. Yes, I do sponsor others, and yes, I do have other service commitments – but that does not mean that I am all well and wonderful. I still get confronted with problems that require time and effort, I still seek my sponsor out in the hopes of learning new solutions, I still need all the phases of the Program, just like others do. Bottom line is that I am an alcoholic.

This is why it is so important to keep and maintain a sponsor relationship, regardless of the amount of time in the Program. I believe the Program, like so many things in life, has an ebb and flow to it. There are times when I can handle all that life throws at me, and then there are times when I need to take a step back, and rest or regroup, however that may be defined. I spent some time on the phone with my sponsor yesterday, something I don’t do often enough, and came away feeling better than I did before our call. Just being able to share my troubling thoughts and concerns somehow allays them, and puts them into proper perspective. The problems are still there but through discussions about solutions it’s no longer the overwhelming catastrophe I had come to think it to be. There is a solution – that always takes me right back to the Program. I pray for the honesty to admit my true feelings. I pray for the humility to know that I need help from others. I pray for strength from God, and I pray for the willingness to do whatever is needed to keep me on this path to recovery, and rebirth.