Change happens when acceptance lead me to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have changed, over time, it has not been an abrupt change, it has been as subtle as the Program. My life has changed, and my response to life has changed as a direct result of sobriety, and the Program of recovery we call A.A. My anger has abated, my willingness has increased and my very life has been transformed. I am not the person I used to be – and it is my fervent hope that this “new” person is better in ways that matter. I am “a part of” today, no longer the loner, I am now part of a group, part of a Fellowship – I have rejoined the human race.

In the rooms they talked about the changes in their lives, and I began to believe that there just might be a miracle for me, as well. I began to hear what was being said, I began to understand what it means when others say they are “working” the Steps. I was hungry for change in my life, I was hungry for a better life, and I became willing to do whatever it took to grow, to change, and to become all that I admired in others. I still work on it today – and I have learned that it is a life-long process of change and growth. I can accept that today, I can strive towards being a better person. Imagine that! Today, I know that I am capable of change, I am capable of growth, and I am capable of learning new ways of solving old problems.