My Higher Power

Hello Trudgers,

I am on a day to my self with my Lil sick fur baby and partner. This was our view most of the day. I can truly say that in this view, my Higher Power is present! Blessed to be able to realize this gift! Grateful!



13 thoughts on “My Higher Power

  1. Beautiful pic Bonster and i can see my higher power in the pic too, so thanks.

    Hey, I wanted to share a lil something that was reinforced yesterday at that inter area meeting yesterday. According to the GSO attendance is flat and the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to so we need to give a lil more to the GSO as they’re barely getting by and grapevine is in the red which is a separate organization kinda. It was suggested that all groups have subscriptions to the Grapevine and our area delegate said he used to ask his sponsees to subscribe to help support that periodical. Just sayin folks, that when I seen stats that showed about 42 % of groups give to the GSO and a couple of years ago it was around 46%. It’s continuing to decline, so if ya’ll don;’t mind sharing this info with yer groups that would be great. It all went off without any real difficulties(feeding the folks) and it was nice to catch up with peeps I don;t see too often.

  2. So we are one with the Divine…when we choose.
    So we are given what we need to be useful…when we choose.
    When I came amongst you, I didn’t even know what choice was.
    All I knew to do was to drink.
    You showed me, I learned from you and now, on occasion, I demonstrate.
    The Great Reality is ours for the asking so that we may give.
    Thank you for showing me.

  3. Very nice photo. Just for today I am grateful for a Higher Power of my own choice, the fellowship in anonymous groups, my sisters in recovery, meetings, footwork combined with stepwork, service commitments, literature, meetings after the meetings, my sponsors, sponsees and the phone. All together they are my spiritual vitamins in staying clean and sober. Oh, yes… and this24 who is always there. Especially my first leg of the journey. Be blessed all.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Schweeet pic, I used to live in Monterey, CA. I had to leave to understand what beauty was all around me. No artist can touch His wonderful beauty / creations.
    When we develop a design for living / prayer life, it transforms the way we live and see things. Through His will, we can change.
    It a good day to have a good day.

    • I grew up in Capitola Clay….before the convent days….and I wasn’t grateful. Today it’s a different story. Amazing beauty in just the silence. the water. ..inn EVERYTHING! 🙂 HUGS my friend

      • Today, I’m learning how, “to be” just to be in….
        Cruzing to the Cruz, the old me of insanity / hopelessness. I was playing chess and the world was playing checkers. peace and hula progress Bonnie

  5. Good morning. If it had not been for the HP of my choice and the fellowship of AA I would not have been sober for the last 4 years the 23 of May. My company gave me a rather appealing retirement package and so I am among the non working for now. I spent last week at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn, and got some good reports. Have a long way to go, but with all of you and my HP anything is possible and .will come on his time It all still comes down to acceptance of his will for me. Love and prayers for all.

    • AWESOME NEWS POPPA!!! The nuns ask about you all the time!! I’m happy for your retirement and am certain you’ll be doing something you love! Hugs to you and the family!!

  6. Beautiful picture Bonnie!
    I had a tremendous experience on Saturday at my AA club. An AA meeting interwoven with yoga! It was so spiritual and along with breathing and the poses, was something I had never experienced before. And although some of the poses were difficult for me, I did the entire session! More shall be revealed if we look for it!

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