I thought that all the slogans were a bit much when I first came to the tables of Alcoholics Anonymous. But over time I have come to appreciate the slogans and the other one liners that are currently used by members of the Program. And it is true about these words becoming “life-lines” in moments of stress. I also use the Serenity Prayer over and over again in those troubling moments when doubt and frustration, or pain and anguish, can enter my life and cause havoc. “This too shall pass,” “Let Go and Let God,” are but a couple that have gotten me through some times that were challenging to both my serenity and my sobriety.

There are many “tools” in the Program. We call these our “spiritual tool kit.” They help us get through those times when life can challenge us, when those closest to us rattle our faith in the Program, when “life” shows up at the door. Despite our best attempts at recovery practices; serenity can be elusive, but sobriety is always within our grasp, with the help of both God and the Program. I know that if I have faith, and use the tools of the Program, that there is an excellent chance that I will stay sober for this day, this here, this now. I am grateful for others in my life, as they are precious to me and have become my mentors, my teachers, and my dearest friends. My “toolbox” is full!!