My Way?

Individuality can be both a blessing and a bane. For myself, it repeatedly caused me problems as I refused to do things any other way but my way, even when I could see that my way was not working for me. I was very stubborn about things and did not take the advice of others readily. I was always sure that if people around me would straighten up, most of my problems would go away. It was always easier to blame others for the condition of my life, than it was to hold myself accountable. This pattern repeated itself, time after time.

Recovery has taught me many lessons about living life. I think the most important lesson I have learned is that my life is in the hands of my Higher Power, and is dependent on my own behavior and actions. I am responsible for me. With the help of God and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous I now live a life that is full, rich, and far above the days of old. My view of the world has changed. I have “grown up,” I have come to the realization that I am responsible for me. I have stopped comparing myself to others, we are each individual and live our lives as such. I am grateful to open my mind and my heart to others – that I shall continue to learn from them all. My life today is limitless!!!


12 thoughts on “My Way?

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara.

    Yes God is all-powerful.
    Yes there is nothing God can’t do.

    But do I suppose the news of his kingdom and the wonderful message of his gospel, his good news might not get far were it not for his many helpers of which I consider myself to be one.
    My sense of value in this existence is certainly exceedingly transformed from one who had problems solving some of life’s complex problems without resorting to the comfort of a drink of liquor to one who essentially goes with the flow and calls on higher powers such as quietness and comfort without the delusional need for other.
    Today I know I can’t meet life on life’s terms with yesterday’s ball score or way of thinking and my choice is the richness and fullness of association with newfound spirit.

    The door was opened by a room full of recovering drunks and nicotine addicts who strongly suggested that I pray every morning which I did and I at some time came to realize being in a state of prayer.

    We found that God does not make too hard terms with those who seek Him. To us, the Realm of Spirit is broad, roomy, all inclusive; never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek. It is open, we believe, to all men.
    Open-mindedness to concepts of a Higher Power can open doors to the spirit. Often I find the human spirit in various dogmas and faiths. I can be spiritual in the sharing of myself. The sharing of self joins me to the human race and brings me closer to God, as I understand Him.
    From the book Daily Reflections
    Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

    How does it work I asked?
    “It works just fine”, he replied!
    Our Big Book simply states that what is required is Honesty, Open-Mindedness and Willingness.
    I was and am.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. I think the expression is “rebel without a clue”. Early in recovery, troubled as I still was, I asked a patient and generous man if it made sense that I would willfully sabotage my own life just to make a point or gratify a desire or even more stupidly, just to shock. Of course it doesn’t make sense, he told me, but it’s exactly what we do. Those 8.2 seconds of an emotional high make the years of self-loathing and unlearning bad habits all worth it, right?

    Every day, bar none, I ask my HP to forgive me for my willful disregard and treachery, all of my affronts to His goodness, His tenderness, His patience. I have surrendered, conditionally, giving ground back a bit at a time, but He’s come all the way to me, meeting me in enemy territory, on rebel ground. Though I deserve all of His wrath, all I get is love. If that doesn’t change me, nothing can.

  3. I am also part of that lot who doesn’t take to criticism well. Constructive or otherwise. My character defects of control, extreme planning, fixing, self reliance and perfectionism all come into play when I defiantly say,”…but I put my ALL into that!” Well, there in lies the problem “I”. When I forget to include the GOD ingredient. When I fail to surrender no matter what the outcome. When I do not listen to those people who love me the most…I am running on SELF WILL. Not a good spot to be in. Recently through loving people around me and a God of my own understanding I realize I like to go back to people, places or things that hurt me or make sick. Just for today I listen to advice, seek Godly counsel, and allow my Higher Power to do for me, what I cannot do for myself.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    My way + into thinking = gluttony of self. The more I hate my life, the more life will hate me back. My way leads to the glittery/shiny lies of the material world. My way leads to fear of what people say and think of me. If I want something in my life that I never had, I must do something, I’ve never done. I must surrender and obey His direction/plan that He has designed solely for me: to be of maximum service. Today, I don’t have to listen to the loudest voice/committee in my head. Today, I don’t have to rationalize every single detail/feeling of life. Today, I live by faith not fear. My experience, strength, and hope has shown/proven to me; that the Divine Mercy safely sees me through any ordeal. I trust in you!

  5. Nothing I can add to the beautiful witnessing above.
    Bonnie’s opener wonderfully described it.
    Something sure happened when I came to AA; looks like it wasn’t just me.
    From hopeless fool to useful tool.
    Grateful for the gift.

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