The Power Of Belief

When I thought of God as a ‘higher power’ it was easier to believe the A.A. concept of a Higher Power. I could see the results of believing in this power in the faces and stories of those in the rooms of A.A. There was “something” that enabled myself and others to stop drinking, and it was a power that was greater than me, and greater than King Alcohol. I needed to only listen to the shares and stories of those present to hear, time and again, of the blessing of sobriety. It became apparent that it was easier to stop drinking when I was not drinking. That may sound a bit weird, but bear with me. When I was drinking, literally, I lost the ability to stop . . . and drank as much as I could, as fast as I could. . . . until I either passed out or ran out of booze. When I was not drinking, like the next morning, it was easier to swear off booze (once again) . . . at least for the moment . . . until the next time.

At first, I was unsure of the idea of a Higher Power and a member told me to think of the group as a Higher Power, because the others in the rooms were sober and many of them were sober for a long time. The Program had worked for them, and I began to feel that it could work for me, also. The idea of a “higher” “power” was a new concept for me. A “higher” power meant that it was stronger than me, stronger than my disease, and stronger than my will. “Power” meant that I could expect help in the way of strengthening my resolve to stay sober, that I could claim the power not to drink. That was just what I needed – a more powerful helpmate. That was my initial God, and from there to where I am today has been a spiritual journey unlike anything I ever expected. I accept God as a power greater than me, greater than the disease of alcoholism, and greater than my worst nightmare. I have come to know and accept that there is a power in the Universe which overrides all my expectations and beliefs. It gives me strength, gives me willingness, and gives me hope – hope that has transformed me from being a skeptic to being a true believer.


It's been 2 yrs FOLKS!!! WOO HOO
It’s been 2 yrs FOLKS!!! WOO HOO

13 thoughts on “The Power Of Belief

  1. In the beginning they tell us that we don’t have to find our God but only seek him.
    In today’s reading we are told that we do find God; and where do we find him? It’s the most unlikely place and it is the place he has been all the time, perhaps hidden in plain sight.

    My friend Leo said to me, “Harry, wherever you are God is”.

    Yes people were speaking to me often in those days and in these days about the presence of God in their lives and assuring me quite strongly that he was and is with me and always has been. I realize his presence by the certainty of the fruits of the spirit which I believe are wonderful choices made by people who turn their thoughts and their lives towards God.

    Oh what grace I encountered when I walked through the doors.

  2. I watched a miraculous story on the news this morning where a girl was saved after being hit by a drunk driver then and trapped in her car where it took an hour or longer to get her out. The people who were struggling to get her out were asked to pray out loud so they all stood around and prayed out loud. No ones really sure how to describe the man who appeared and disappeared yet it sounds like divine intervention. Anyways< i heard something that caught my attention and that was pray aloud. I've prayed aloud a lil but still feel like I'll be thought of as crazy if I'm caught praying out loud. I'm going to work on praying out loud and maybe eventually I won't care what others think. I'm praying silently for all my friends here. God bless!

  3. For me, a useful concept in the HP discussion, before I began thinking what my HP was, was to firstly fundamentally understand that I had been playing God all my life in all things. There really wasn’t room for me to acknowledge the presence of an HP.
    Of course, that total reliance on self got me my well- earned ticket into these rooms.
    So, pretty bluntly and basically, I am not God. Examining my behaviours honestly, and learning to faithfully practice our principles in all of my affairs, eventually led me to understand my proper place.
    Turns out there ‘s plenty of room for Tom and God.
    The result has been so much more than I’d ever dreamed.
    Grateful for the Gift.

    • Thanks All. When the first site was told to cease and desist from AA itself, a few of us under direction from Zuzu and Oggy (Shrini)-banded together, found a site, Oggy created the format, and Zuzu volunteered to the challenge of writing the reflections. Without their first steps of direction this would be nothing. So thank you to Zuzu, Oggy, and all of us still here…for reaching out to the alcoholic 💜

      • Thank you SMB and the readers and sharers. This site helps me and my sponsees stay connected, when we need a God Shot. I can’t believe it has been this many years. I am grateful. K

  4. Top of the morning family.
    “I can do it myself.” Clay’s old school mission statement.
    Today, my design for living is invested not spent. I know today, I really can’t do it myself. I’m learning that He never wanted me to try.
    Today is a good day to have a good day.

  5. Thanks again Bonnie for all you do.
    2 Yrs? Wow it’s been that long?
    Thanks to everyone who comes here each day.

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