Maggies thoughts…..

(Thank you Maggie for the reflection today)

I remember the first time I happened upon Daily Reflections, lead and moderated by Anonymous! I read daily for awhile before adding my own comments. Thus, began a journey within a journey. My own journey of finding my recovery path and what my higher power would evolve to be! (Perpetually evolving) And a journey, here, where friends have been made and survived the change, so hypocritically enforced against AA’s Primary Purpose..”Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety”!
When anonymous left, They were ceasing and desisting from NYC AA threats and as I recall had some overwhelming family issues, physically and emotionally. I pray that Anonymous has found serenity and realizes what she/he began over five years ago, is still going strong. I hope they still follow us!

And then the first incarnation after Daily Reflections, this24, a blog for recovery, built by Oggy and wonderful ZuZu! Taking on writing a reflection, everyday, 365 days a year, seemed to me to be daunting at least, impossible at best!! But, she did it and did it so well. Such a gifted writer for all of us and several contributions to “The Grapevine”. I know she watches over us. Love you Z and Oggy (way over in India!)

The second incarnation came over a year ago, when Bonnie,(Sister Mary Bonster) became the reflection scribe. Again, to me, a daunting task, but she does it, never complaining and I know she has learned so much about quoting others, becoming more succinct in her writing and expressing the spiritual thoughts we all struggle and rejoice in. She has made this a safe place for those of us who have relapsed and returned, an oasis where those of us who have faced devastating tragedy and not relapsed and above all, an inclusive spot where when we’ve had naysayers or mean posters, we’ve been able to express the flexibility of the meaning of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Anyway, I don’t know how Bonnie feels about continuing to post a daily reflection from this point on, I’d be ready to stop if I was her!! Or if someone else would like to take the lead? It’s such a huge commitment!! Perhaps, we could make it not so huge of a commitment. Maybe a 3 month term or 2 people alternating monthly or if seven of us took one day a week and wrote a reflection (I’d be willing and able to take on 1 day a week for a year!) And if writing one day is overwhelming, we could post the page and take Harry’s lead ;-). Just some ideas in acknowledging Bonnies tireless efforts and to see if it’s time to switch things up!! So, Happy Anniversary this24 and love to friends I’ve known for a long time and those I’m just beginning to get to know.

Photo Courtesy of Angi
Photo Courtesy of Angi

14 thoughts on “Maggies thoughts…..

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara.

    It’s a wonderful thing to see a new man or woman step up to the plate and offer up old and new treasures as they share their experience, strength and hope.
    Maggie shared a good bit of gratitude with us today as well as a challenge for others to perhaps follow her lead. Several of us who are daily readers and contributors as well as others who I am sure often drop in for a few moments of silence with us bringing spiritual growth to all who are concerned. All are welcome into our meeting including the occasional disparate who seem to me to be filled with prejudice and self-righteous judgment. Their writings, their ranting bring a message also.

    I do daily reflections and have been for over half of my recovery when I was blessed with the impetus in a church related course of EFM.
    There has been increasing insight on this process called reflection and I believe with my whole heart that each and every stimulus brings forth something out of deep inside which by its nature is a reflection of the goad.
    Is there anything wrong in giving careful thought especially the process of reconsidering previous actions, events or decision?
    Is there anything wrong with the considered idea or thought, especially the one produced by careful consideration?
    Is there a clear indication or result of something happening as the result of something I did?
    Is there blame or credit to somebody or something they did or I did?
    How much is reflected from a mirror which we never notice?

    This happens to everyone. No one is untouchable in this respect and it is of intense interest to personally witness what comes back.
    Is it the old perversion?
    Is it the new persuasion?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, USA.

  2. Hopefully I’ll find time to respond later. I still find I barely have time to read let alone write a thoughtful reflection not that it has to be long winded and all encompassing. If this site relied upon m-wah heavy on the wah(grin) it would probably fade away. God love ya all and so do I.

  3. …glad to be alive this morning…
    Happy to come to this familiar place.
    Grateful for the efforts of those who provide it for us.
    Blessings upon us all.

  4. Thank you all for your service that is a big part of my recovery. I too started participating with the daily reflections and wrote world services about their attack on Anonymous. As so often happens in AA, the unexpected outcome was positive. We have this well visited blog and each other’s shares.

  5. Top of the morning family,
    The world’s influence is strong and its priorities play a part in directing my steps. The Author of Generosity graces me with a new purpose and a new freedom. When I stay small and humble, He is always right behind my belly button- to lift me up.
    I believe in the spirit of rotation. If needed, enlist me for a share a week.
    It’s a good day to have a good day.

  6. Thank you Maggie for your thoughtful share and suggestions. Part of aa as I understand believes in unity. Without a doubt it takes someone to open the virtual meeting with a topic. Then it takes The attendees to share or listen and gleam some hope. This website has given me so much. Thank you all for your ideas. Blessings, kt

  7. I don’t dare be the buzzkill, but sometimes it’s just ok if it’s time to move on. We change meetings, sponsors, reinterpret how/when to do a step…as the writer of Ecclesiastes said, a season for everything under heaven . If it’s become burden not joy, or time to take a break, all just fine. Recovery is a get to not a got to…

    Whatever the outcome, I’m in, sometimes vocally more often I hope quietly.

    • Thanks Jack. No buzzkill. I enjoy doing the reflections each day. It helps me immensely. I just think Maggs was throwing it out there if anyone wanted to step up. So far, no takers. I will still however solicit reflections should anyone want to contribute. It’s been an amazing journey so far…..the best is yet to come! Hugs

  8. Thanks Maggie. Thanks Bonnie. Seems like we were a couple years with Anon,
    now a couple years here, we’re all still here for the most part.
    This meeting has been a life saver for me.
    Thanks to everyone who visits here. And especially for BonBon, Mother J, Lil,
    MST3K, I hope she/he finds peace, and comes here regularly.

  9. I have been in Albuquerque, NM taking care of my Son’s estate and assets. I believe that this site and the daily reflection have been very important in my recovery. I do not know how I found out about this24, and thanks to everyone that has participated, and continues to participate. I was reading and participating before ZuZu and Oggy took it over. Many thanks to all of you for helping me get through some bad times. SMB, you do an outstanding job of leading the group. My home group is small, but we all take turns being a chair for a meeting. The commitment is usually for 3 months. I will help the this24 group wherever I can.

  10. Happy Anniversary This24! What a rich legacy. I have been truly blessed by the service of others here. It also seems so relevant to my current situations when I read others shares. The gratitude I have for stumbling upon this treasure is enormous. Although I am one of the sporadic bloggers I gain so much from just reading. Finally, Thank you for your service, each and everyone that came before and committed to a part of this site. Be blessed all!

  11. Thank you Maggs. I think that chipping in and doing a share for the blog by its members is a great idea. I would love to chip in occasionally. I dont always fill in a response but i do read it everyday. Let us know if this is something we can do. Love to you all today to send a comment on this blog site would be great. This 24 is a G-d send. I love it and read it daily. i also started eay back fom Anonymous and then Zuzu and Oggy and then SMB. Namaste, Tree

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