(Thank you Maggie for the reflection today)

I remember the first time I happened upon Daily Reflections, lead and moderated by Anonymous! I read daily for awhile before adding my own comments. Thus, began a journey within a journey. My own journey of finding my recovery path and what my higher power would evolve to be! (Perpetually evolving) And a journey, here, where friends have been made and survived the change, so hypocritically enforced against AA’s Primary Purpose..”Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety”!
When anonymous left, They were ceasing and desisting from NYC AA threats and as I recall had some overwhelming family issues, physically and emotionally. I pray that Anonymous has found serenity and realizes what she/he began over five years ago, is still going strong. I hope they still follow us!

And then the first incarnation after Daily Reflections, this24, a blog for recovery, built by Oggy and wonderful ZuZu! Taking on writing a reflection, everyday, 365 days a year, seemed to me to be daunting at least, impossible at best!! But, she did it and did it so well. Such a gifted writer for all of us and several contributions to “The Grapevine”. I know she watches over us. Love you Z and Oggy (way over in India!)

The second incarnation came over a year ago, when Bonnie,(Sister Mary Bonster) became the reflection scribe. Again, to me, a daunting task, but she does it, never complaining and I know she has learned so much about quoting others, becoming more succinct in her writing and expressing the spiritual thoughts we all struggle and rejoice in. She has made this a safe place for those of us who have relapsed and returned, an oasis where those of us who have faced devastating tragedy and not relapsed and above all, an inclusive spot where when we’ve had naysayers or mean posters, we’ve been able to express the flexibility of the meaning of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Anyway, I don’t know how Bonnie feels about continuing to post a daily reflection from this point on, I’d be ready to stop if I was her!! Or if someone else would like to take the lead? It’s such a huge commitment!! Perhaps, we could make it not so huge of a commitment. Maybe a 3 month term or 2 people alternating monthly or if seven of us took one day a week and wrote a reflection (I’d be willing and able to take on 1 day a week for a year!) And if writing one day is overwhelming, we could post the page and take Harry’s lead ;-). Just some ideas in acknowledging Bonnies tireless efforts and to see if it’s time to switch things up!! So, Happy Anniversary this24 and love to friends I’ve known for a long time and those I’m just beginning to get to know.

Photo Courtesy of Angi

Photo Courtesy of Angi