Feeling Good!

I feel good when I exercise, or have some activity that promotes my health. I feel good when others acknowledge me – my existence, it serves to validate me. It feels good to hold my granddaughter in my arms, and to know my partner and I have come so far on this journey. It feels good to go to a meeting and take a well-deserved break from the day’s activities. It feels good to complete this daily message. It feels good to share a meal with a friend. It feels good to be outside, weather permitting, and to feel a part of the world. I have quite a list of things that make me feel good.

My list of feelings used to run to the dark side, when I was drinking. The old fears have subsided, and the negative thoughts are not as prevalent as they once were. I live by spiritual principles, I am sober – all of these things cause me to feel good. I feel good about where I am, who I am and what I am. Life can be pretty amazing when I get right down to it. I feel good when I pray, and I feel good when I sit quietly and listen – who knows what whisperings I may be blessed with on this fine June day!

My Grand baby...and Fur Baby...LOL
My Grand baby…and Fur Baby…LOL

12 thoughts on “Feeling Good!

    • A couple of mornings ago I got up and got my coffee at my usual time which by the way is a couple of hours earlier than what used to be my usual time with my bleary eyes, clammy skin, nervous disposition and wondering when I would get another drink of liquor.
      As I sat before my computer to begin my morning routine of prayer and meditation with reflection on the contents of my mind today and I might add enjoying the gratitude of the moment for how it is today compared to how it used to be.
      I’m so thankful for a clear thinking mind with worthwhile values that I sometimes just don’t know how to express it. – You understand!
      But I couldn’t get on the Internet due to some kind of disturbance so I began to reorganize and come up with a standby plan for my enjoyable morning ritual; this most precious time.
      My first thought was to go to The 24-Hour Day book which has been a mainstay for me for going on 29 years for I love the format which consists of first advising me or teaching me more about alcoholism and its psychic disorder, then giving some instruction on meditation for this day and ending with what can be a heartfelt prayer.

      Then I called my Internet service provider and was advised that rebooting the cable modem would solve a lot of issues and by cracky it did. – Glory hallelujah!

      Friday, June 19, 2015
      You are reading from the book Twenty Four Hours a Day Hardcover (24 Hours)
      Thought for the Day

      We have this choice every day of our lives. We can take the path that leads to insanity and death (and remember, our next drunk could be our last one). Or we can take the path that leads to a reasonably happy and useful life. The choice is ours each day of our lives. God grant that we take the right path. Have I made my choice today?

      Meditation for the Day

      Your real work in life is to grow spiritually. To do this you must follow the path of diligently seeking good. The hidden spiritual wonders are revealed to those who diligently seek this treasure. From one point to the next, you have to follow the way of obedience to God’s will until finally you reach greater and greater spiritual heights. Work on the material plane should be secondary to your real life’s work. The material things that you need most are those that help you to attain the spiritual.

      Prayer for the Day

      I pray that I may keep growing spiritually. I pray that I may make this my real life’s work.

      From Twenty-Four Hours a Day © 1975 by Hazelden Foundation.

      It’s really easy for me to pray to keep growing spiritually today.

  1. Got a little chuckle from the thought of when I’ll get another drink of liquor because i understand that all too well. We had anew guy last night at our local meeting and most of the meeting I sat and listened as others shared their stories smiling most of the time becasue I know our condition so well. I remember smiling a lot when the new guys shared about not really ever drinking a lot but had a couple recent under the influence tickets and nearly killing a couple of friends BUT HE NEVER REALLY DRANK A LOT, BAHAHAHAHA. Hope he sticks and stays for all of us in this amazing world. I’m Dan grateful alcoholic and thanks for being here guys and gals.

    • I know what you mean. The last 16 months I drank I stuck to beer/wine and figured how could I be alcoholic if I only drank beer/wine? Oh yeah, but I was pretty much drinking around the clock. From 1989-2004, I drank heavily 4-5 days per week, but I denied any problems because I had this insane habit of getting up each morning at 6 am and running 5 miles to “sweat out the booze.” Forget that my life was falling apart and up to my eyeballs in credit card debt from huge bar tables. There were times when it would be Wednesday/Thursday and I was still agonizing over things I MIGHT have said on Saturday night. I just couldn’t remember. I did that for years. What a horrible nightmare. Glad I now have a choice to drink and all one day at a time.

  2. There it is.
    Straight from the Doctor-choice.
    I had lost the power of choice; I had ceded it to alcohol.
    You guys gently gave it back to me, there if I wanted it.
    Then you showed me something else.
    That if I chose to open my eyes, I could see.
    Life has never been the same.
    Grateful for the Gift.

  3. I like this list. Maybe a “feeling good” list would be less daunting than a gratitude list. Gratitude is a skill that has to be practiced and thinking about what makes me feel good puts me on that path. When I am at f2f gratitude meetings I always start with saying I am grateful this is a gratitude meeting because they are so short. It always gets a laugh because it is true. Most AA members I know start with the ability to present an inexhaustible list of complaints, worries, fears, and examples of how the world has wronged them. can. Part of the psychic change is the ability to focus on the good.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.
    During my running and gunning days, I could always see what I didn’t have. Today, I see the beauty of the flowers (tip toeing through the tulips), not the thorns. My design/journey for living consists of 5 daily Acts.
    Practicing the presence of God
    Chit/chat with an alcoholic
    Find a mentor – person, place, thing, or situation that tee’s me off. In this, there is something I need to change within.
    Happiness IN – time with folks/family, mountain biking, fishing, and hikes with my dorky dog.
    Happiness OUT – being available
    Today is a good day to thank my Creator for providing what I couldn’t achieve on my own.

  5. Work on the material plane should be secondary to your real life’s work.

    This is something I am striving for, thanks Harry, I also like the 24 hr book. I have to read the daily reflections, 24 hr, and this 24 before I get my body and mind into positive attitudes.

    Great picture SMB, brings joy to my mind. Kt

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