Bad Days/Good Days

“This too shall pass.” A phrase I use when I’m having one of those “bad days.” Not every day of my life is “wonderful,” but I recognize that every day of my life since beginning the process of recovery is better than the days of using and abusing. I also recognize the fact that nothing in my life can happen that a drink won’t make worse. The only thing I know to do is to “hunker down” and get through that bad day, a step at a time. One of the first things I try to do is to involve others – it just flat helps to have someone I can turn to, to talk with, to reaffirm my self-worth, and to remind myself that while life will never be perfect, most of my days are good ones. Days when I feel “up,” when I feel blessed, when I feel good about where I am, and who I am.

Bad days happen – at least they do in my life. But I no longer have to stay stuck there for days on end, through the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am learning that taking some action can change my feelings. I can work to help myself feel better. I know, through A.A., that bad days will not last forever – and that even with bad days I am still making good progress in my recovery. Life can challenge me, but today I have “tools” to help me with those challenges. And if I can’t think of anything to do – I get out that telephone list and start dialing, there is bound to be someone on the other end of the line who can relate to having a bad day. But even my worst days are not the days of old, when I would wake up feeling absolutely sick – sick to stomach, sick with a headache, sick in my very soul – knowing that one more time John Barleycorn got the better of me. My “bad” days compared to those days are really “good” days. Remembering where I came from and where I’m at can perk up any day. I live a better life today – thanks to the Program, thanks to friends and family, and – as always – Thanks, God


8 thoughts on “Bad Days/Good Days

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara.

    I think about many things as I sit and do these morning reflections and this morning which is unusual for me I started considering my advanced age and the absolute fact that many people die in this decade of life; a few do in the next decade of life and a rare few in the ensuing years. So as I well know I am living on borrowed time in the grand scheme of things as I enjoy these years beyond the average life expectancy.
    But instead of just being thankful for this time as I pledge myself in my opening prayers I began thinking about the unknown and feeling the associated fear and for the last hour or so I have been gripped by this fear. Some among me know what it is to be gripped by fear.

    So does God speak to me?
    Does it seem that my readings, my studies and my people who speak to me utter for him.
    “I would do well not to think of the Red Sea of difficulties that lie ahead”.
    May love and faith abide?

    I would do well not to think of the Red Sea of difficulties that lie ahead. I am sure that when I come to that Red Sea, the waters will part and I will be given all the power I need to face and overcome many difficulties and meet what is in store for me with courage. I believe that I will pass through that Red Sea to the Promised Land, the land of the spirit where many souls meet in perfect comradeship. I believe that when that time comes, I will be freed of all the dross of material things and find peace.
    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may face the future with courage. I pray that I may be given strength to face both life and death fearlessly.

    An awfully nice ideal!
    All I can truly say is I thoroughly enjoy the sober and sane mind God has bestowed on me as I have been 12 stepped.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. – Georgia, US of A.

  2. Thanks Harry. Whether I’m near the end of life in the body is indeed in His hands and not the source of my current concern. Rather, my fears are all about that dross, the pursuit of worldly things. Unless I allow them in, they’re mostly temporal, even fleeting, but sometimes I open the door wide and invite them all in…they bring their buddies and it’s pandemonium, a “worse than the first” thing. But these are made up fears, a habit of a lifetime that wants to zero in on scarcity, not the overflowing abundance of a God who keeps on giving. Look for problems, fearfully find them. Look for Grace, joy rushes in. My choice

  3. Hello guys and gals. It’s gonna be a good day. I’ve talked one other from our NA group so far and will talk to more soon. I need help and will ask for help. God help me learn new ways to ask for help so I may help others better. I’m really blessed to not have any significant traumas to deal with today. Amen!

  4. Top of the morning family,
    The saying, you’re going into a storm, going through a storm, or coming out of a storm. Reminds me of on my many ISM’s, don’t get comfortable/something bad is going to happen. I no longer need to walk around fearing what might be around the corner. The fellowship and the light of the spirit have shown/proven
    to me – Hope. This too shall pass. This design for living,(Divine Mercy, fellowship, and prayer) is fully capable of handling any situation. A divine nugget often spoken by my father in his homily: know God/get the gold; get the gold/no God.
    It’s a good day to have something good to happen us today.

  5. I am learning to practice acceptance in all circumstances of my life, so that I may enjoy peace of mind. Exerpt out if dr.
    I related to our this 24 shares. Thank you. It really is easier for me if I let go , let God .and not think I should do it my way.

  6. I to am learning to leave in the moment. My older sister called and was asking me about my health and my upcoming appointment at the Mayo clinic. By the middle of the conversation I was feeling all the self pity I could muster. Then she started telling me about her recent trip to Scotland. She said she traveled by boat to a small island and walked with help to a meadow about half way up a small cliff. There they all sat without talking or any electronic devices in small groups and Puffin birds walked out of the foliage among them. She said at 78 years of age she had not been so serene and without trouble or thought in her entire life. I have been in a place of peace myself since the conversation. God works in many ways. I do believe talking to other in or out of the program helps ,if I listen he is there and will guide me through the storm. Thank you this 24 and all of you. May you each have your Puffin day!!!!!!!!

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