When I look at my present life I can see where I have developed relationships with people that I enjoy. But there are still some relationships that are not necessarily enjoyable – but are needed, nonetheless. I am a sponsor and feel a deep sense of obligation to those relationships, and while I value each of them, they are not necessarily my most enjoyable relationships. I like having a variety of friends – some I can laugh with, some I can cry with, and some that give me a true sense of being loved. I am in the process of learning how to be a friend and how to keep those friendships I want in my life.

So for now, for today, for my life at this time – I will work on my friendships with others – and if any of those develop into something more, I will work towards making that relationship work within the guidelines of the Program and within the “plan” that God has for me. I will continue to work on my relationship skills. Anything is possible in recovery, right? I am in a relationship with my Higher Power, God, and from that I continue to try to be a better human being.