Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple
June 29

Most of us have many questions about a Higher Power. Sometimes we have more questions than answers. No matter how much we believe about God, there are always questions. Why do bad things happen if God is good? Does God punish people?
Is God called Jesus, Buddha, the Great Spirit? Perhaps we’ve chosen a name for our Higher Power, or maybe we haven’t. Yet, we know there is some Power great than ourselves that’s helping us in recovery. We know what we need to know about God for today. We know how to ask for help, and how to accept help.
Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me to know You more clearly. There’s much I’m not sure about. For now, I will act as if the help I get comes from You.
Action for the Day: I’ll think of three ways my Higher Power has done just the right thing for me.


9 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara.

    Well do you happen to know who this is a picture of?

    Why that’s Pussy Galore (image #7) from the movie Goldfinger which was released in 1964.
    I never saw the movie and I don’t intend to but believe me I was uniquely fascinated by the creative name penned on this beauty and I’m sure it was indicative of my state of mind 51 years ago fueled by self-centeredness and lust.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate beauty and love the suggestiveness and allurement of lust but for a long time I have resisted acting out inappropriately.
    Yes I appreciate beauty!
    I love to view the Mona Lisa but I don’t have to have her.I

  2. Something I heard last night and I beg your pardon if it may a bit offensive, ” most of my troubles were either pink or green or lust and money”. Not so long ago I was nearly insane over a woman whom i still love very much today and the lack of money coming in from my job. We talked about having lunch a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t happen. that kind of stuff used to make me very sick and so did busting my ass with my bossy leaving for a few days without paying me. Today i trust implicitly that he will pay me and if i get to have lunch with someone dear to my heart, great, if not oh well so be it. I have too much to be grateful for to let how others act get me down. this has been a slow and painful process with greater and greater clarity as time goes by. I trust that God is doing what is best for me and it’s here where i find peace. I’m happy right now. I pray i thank him a lot today. That’s pretty simple.

  3. So, speaking just for me, after hanging around in the rooms for more than a little while, I finally ” got”.
    1. Whoever, whatever, why ever God was, He/She/It certainly was not me, so I should quit acting as if I was the Center of the Universe
    2. God wasn’t the one lost, I was.
    I finally saw the new way of life was there for me, if I wanted it.
    Things ain’t been the same since.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Top of the morning family,
    When I open my heart and see the good things for the gracious gift it is, I begin to loosen my grip on life.
    Mentioned here some time back, AA good / Booze bad. That’s simplistic.

    Let your life be read simply as a thank-You note to the Author of generosity.
    —Laurin Greco

  5. My sponsor of 20 years went to the Doc for a pulled muscle in his back that was bothering him, they did a scan and said he had stage 4 cancer.
    I’ve been spending as much 1 on 1 with him as I can these last few days.
    I asked another long timer from the meeting this morning if he would sponsor me, so we exchanged phone numbers.
    What a surprise to all of us. Seems life is like that.

  6. Keeping it simple to me means two things. Trust in God and AA, Love you neighbor and you love yourself. Now if I can get that from my head to my heart all will be simple. Doing my best. Prayers for all who suffer from illness.

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