As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have received very specific information on how to live life in a way that does not compel me to drink. I know what to do when I feel angry, restless, remorseful, jealous, sad, or frightened. I know how to deal with aggressive people. I can be a good partner, parent, friend and family member. I know how to balance my spiritual life with my material life. I know how to set good priorities. I have a connection to a power outside of myself that can offer me guidance whenever needed. I know how to help another alcoholic in a way that will engender trust. I have learned how to have the appropriate level of involvement in other people’s lives. I have gained confidence through humility, learning by listening, contributing more by saying less. I know what to do and how to do it. It is my job to remember, to keep it going, to carry it forward, one day at a time, again and again. HAPPY 4th! Please be SAFE, if you can’t be SANE….LOL